Lee's Times

By: Jourdan Lee

Outside Adventure

On Friday April 17th, Ms. Woods 8th hour ELA class took a walk outside to write this article and sit outside why it was warm and everyone would concentrate. well that didn't really work the boys were too interested in throwing a wiffle ball in the river and trying to get it unstuck

While we where out there there was Ms. Bloemers PE class out there playing softball, we watched and see how good they were and the after a little while ms wood said it was time to go in and the bell rang to go to our next class

Softball Victory

The day of Monday 30th 2014, I was in Appleton for a softball game having the time of my life when all of a sudden, rain and snow starts coming when it was just a bit windy ruined the game quite a bit but our team still pulled out the BIG W.

That night my team all huddled up and watched the badger game in my hotel room, since the Badgers had the game from the start they lost skill and suffered a bad loss at the end when Allen & Jones picked up there A game last 7 minutes of the game, lost 20 bucks on that game..

World Wide Softball Tournament

ClearWater Beach FL, The Lee Family was in FL for a world wide softball tournament with a couple 20 ish teams there trying to compete for the national trophy to take on for nationals.

We had the chance to play 5 games before pool games came into play and the real games started to get intense, you lose.. you're out. Since if you lose you're out our team didn't do so well because it was our first tournament we took 10th out of 20 teams from around the world.

After that, we visited some places around the beach and got to swim with dolphins and hold animals I never knew I would hold, see, or even touch in my lifetime.