Common Core Mathematics in ESC West

Common Core Mathematics Lesson Planning Lab

Join your colleagues that teach the same grade/ subject matter math to plan units and share them for next year

Many minds collaborating can build great common core math units for the 10 -14 CCSS Math standards. Let's start with a few well-built units for next year and share them to have a starting block to the race to effective, engaging common core instruction. Barbara Jacobs and the instructional support at ESC West will provide a plethora of great tools, resources and assistance.

Common Core Algebra Collaborative Lesson Planning Lab

Wednesday, April 23rd, 8am-3pm

ESC West Bungalow Meeting Space 2

Teachers and teams will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. There will be one day for each grade level/ subject level K-12 between now and June. This is a workshop for intermediate and advanced teachers who already have a foundation in common core theory.