The Weekly Growl

February 8 - 12, 2016

Countdown to Spring Break: 33 days (not that anyone is counting)

This Week

Monday, February 8

  • 5:30 Boys Basketball 7B/7A @ Chisholm Trail
  • 5:30 Boys Basketball 8B/8A vs. Chisholm Trail

Tuesday, February 9

  • 6:00 Cheer Tryout Meeting, Lecture Hall

Wednesday, February 10

  • 5:30 Girls Basketball 7B/7A @ Chisholm Trail

  • 5:30 Girls Basketball 8B/8A vs. Chisholm Trail

  • 6-8 Math and Algebra I Testing

Thursday, February 11

  • Wear College Shirt With Jeans
  • 7A/8A Boys Basketball Tournament

Friday, February 12

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt With Jeans

Next Week

Monday, February 15

  • Student Holiday

Tuesday, February 16

  • Have a good day!

Wednesday, February 17

  • Faculty Meeting

  • 5:00 PTA Board Meeting

Thursday, February 18

  • Wear College Shirt With Jeans
  • 6:00 Meet the Dawgs Parent Meeting for Track

Friday, February 19

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt With Jeans
  • 7:30 am Student of the Six Weeks Awards, Lecture Hall

Upcoming Events

Feb. 22 6:00 Parent Forum

Feb. 23 12:50 Fire Drill

Feb. 24 7:30 Parent Coffee Chat

Feb. 24 7:00 Pre UIL Band/Orchestra Concert, Cafeteria

Feb. 25 4:00 Track Meet @ Walsh

Feb. 26 7:30a - 12:30p IB Community Project Showcase @ RRHS

March 2 10:30 Beginning Orchestra to Play at RR Public Library

March 2 1:30 Early Release

March 3 4:00 Track Meet @ Cedar Ridge

March 8 5:00 UIL String Orchestra Contest @ PAC

March 10 4:00 Track Meet @ Deerpark

March 14-18 SPRING BREAK

Melissa Alier 10

Akea Powell 11

Matthew Wilson 13

Samuel Smith 17

Virginia Cole 21

Stephanie Saggiante 22

Kristina Howard 23

Karen Huffman 28

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Kudos to the library and science departments for bringing the TAME truck to our campus. The students were really engaged and learning. I enjoyed walking through with the students.

- Milton Perez

I would like to thank Vincent Martinez for doing a great job of filling out ARD feedback forms for SPED. He always fills them out in a timely manner which is much appreciated:)

- Cindy Barnhill

For Ms. Donosso, Mr. Sherman, and Ms. Olano, for all their help communicating with Spanish-speaking parents over the past few weeks.

- Adrienne Morea

Coach Ellis for graciously stepping up last minute several times and being a wonderful member of our ARD committee!

- Cecilia Azulay

The STEM Trailer was amazing! Kudos to Wendy Tucker for bringing this awesome interdisciplinary experience for our students! What would do without her?

I want to thank everyone who brought students down to watch the IB Community Project Presentations! I know the kids really appreciated having an audience to spread their message to! Special thanks to Sarah Martinez and Ryan Smosna for setting up the equipment to make the event a success. I would also like to thank all coaches for their flexibility in the use of the gym for IB DAYS!!! Last IB Day will be the May 4th Culture Day!

- Desiree Le

Thanks to Heather Davis for her help this week in 8th grade. Casey Gembicki and Kristen Morgan for their hard work and commitment on working on our "Rise to STAAR Initiative" and open to my lesson and stations this week.

Kudos to Caitlin La for being an awesome department chair and letting us hear from other schools and giving us a chance to voice our opinions.

- Milton Perez

Mr. Kino: You are amazing and I am so happy you have joined our team. Thanks for caring about our kids.

- Maggie Cashdollar

Kudos to Marbel, Eloisa, Noemi, Melissa, Kino, Leo and Mariana for the epic office moments and all their dedication and hard work.

Kudos to Mr Kino for his love and dedication to our students. ​

- Evelyn Cubias

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