Hey, y'all.

Jan. 2014

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Welcome, Amanda!

Amanda Heterbring, our new school psychologist, is from Buffalo, NY by way of Ohio so she may not know to use "y'all" instead of "yous guys" yet, but we'll break her in soon. Before you know it she'll be eating grits and sweltering in our August humidity. If you have interesting ideas for South Carolina day trips, send them her way. We want Amanda to feel like a southern belle by the time the magnolias are in bloom. But for now, she has jumped in feet-first at CES, which is a hoppin' place to be. She is also getting a crash-course in all things preschool from Lisa Richardson. She will continue to loan out test kits housed there and send us protocols she may have; just email or give her a call.

Amanda packed her car and drove from Ohio on Jan. 1, and was at work before 8:00 on Jan. 2. We've been keeping her a bit of a secret till she was approved by the board on Jan. 13. She is engaged to be married in July and her fiance, Daniel (tall guy on the left), is moving here, too. Amanda has a sister who is a field hockey coach at Newberry College.

Amanda had already made plans to attend NASP so look for her there, or better yet, stop by CES and say hello if you are in the vicinity!

Don't know the word for that feeling?

Dave Matthews and Grover sing a song about finding the words to describe how they're feeling. Check it out.

Sesame Street: Dave Matthews and Grover Sing about Feelings

Prescription medical food for ADHD

Have recently begun hearing about this product. Just FYI.

Vayarin_Animation movie


It's a long stretch till spring break, so really enjoy your day off this Monday, Jan. 20!