Entertainment in the 1920's

Stephanie Tirado-Mendoza

Big Changes

During the 1920's many changes were made. The one thing that impacted many Americans immensely was the radio. Their sales started in 1922 from making $60 million to 1929 to making $426 million. Radios provided advertisements, news, entertainment, and brought the U.S. together more which are all main factors of why people bought them. More developments were made in the music industry, and film industry as well. Americans were allowed more leisure time, so they had the chance to take advantage of all these new improvements.

Popular in this Time Period

Movie: The Kid, The Phantom of the Opera, The Gold Rush, Charlie Chaplin

Music: Rhapsody in Blue - George Gershwin, Jazz

Theater: "Cinderella" stories, Irving Berlin, Warners' Theater

Literature: John Steinbeck, "The Great Gatsby"

Musicians: Aaron Copland, Louis Armstrong

Art: Surrealism Movement - New techniques, Modernism, Painter Georgia O'Keeffe

Jazz became one of the more prominent styles of music during the "Roaring Twenties." It was a mixture of many styles, and allowed people to be free with themselves. Multiple dances were created during this time as a result of this. Jazz wasn't the only style though, there was Blues, Country, and Broadway musicals that were new as well, and brought Americans together more.
1920's Entertainment

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