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Week of May 3, 2020

Our Family, Our Domestic Church...

Our family provides our first experiences in faith, prayer, and love. Known as the Domestic Church, our family teaches us about God, and creates the support and guidance of a life of prayer through everyday experiences. Especially now, when we are home with our family, we thank God for His gifts and grateful for our love and each other. With our family, our Domestic Church, prayerfully seek His will for us.

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Activities for Family

Mass Readings for Sunday, May 3-Fourth Sunday of Easter: Good Shepherd Sunday

As a family, read this weekend's Mass Readings together. Use the link below to discuss these Readings from this Fourth Sunday of Easter: Good Shepherd Sunday.
  • In the First Reading from Acts 2: 14 A 36-41, Peter addresses the crowd to baptize and repent for Jesus' death, in forgiveness of our sins. This reading portrays the beginnings of our faith and our church.
  • In the Second Reading from 1 Peter 2: 20 B-25, this passage tells us to be patient for what is good, as Jesus was patient throughout his sufferings.
  • In this week's Gospel Reading from John, Jesus explains through this imagery how he is the good shepherd who knows his sheep and lays downs his life for them...for us!

The video below shows this week's Gospel, The Good Shepherd.

Mass Readings for Sunday, May 3

Translated in English and Spanish

Parable of The Good Shepherd

Family Faith Choice Board!

As our faith begins at home with our Domestic Church, here are fun activities that promote discussion and learning of our faith. Out of the 9 options listed below, create your own combo of these activities that interest your children!

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Uplift Video of the Week!

Our Jersey 4 Jersey Concert!

On Wednesday, April 22, New Jersey musicians, celebrities and comedians came together for the Jersey 4 Jersey Concert event, showing that we are truly Jersey Strong! Messages of hope, fortitude and resiliency were given by Jersey natives Bruce Springstein, Jon Bon Jovi, Jon Stewart, Charlie Puth, Tony Bennett and many others! The proceeds from this event went directly to the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund.

In the video below, Jon Bon Jovi composed and performed this song, When You Can't Do What You Want, Do What You Can, as his message to us during these difficult times.

Jersey 4 Jersey Event! Jon Bon Jovi - When You Can’t Do What You Do, Do What You Can