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Week of September 7th to September 11th

Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! This is a newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on the latest happenings in my class as well as Midway Middle School. If you wish to be taken off of the mailing list then, email letting me know. Hopefully this can be a great help for you and your child! I will try to send one at least once a week.

My name is Jody Ellis and I am new to Midway Middle School. I am originally from Bladenboro, NC and graduated from Bladenboro High School in 1997. I attended college at Campbell University(1997-2001) where I majored in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics. I also have a Masters of Education degree from Campbell(2005). I taught for 14 years in Harnett County at Coats-Erwin Middle School as a 6th grade math and science teacher. I also have coached football, basketball, and golf for 12 years. I am excited about teaching and coaching at Midway Middle and hope to become an integral part of your community!



- EOG Science Warm Up Questions (Students should have a small composition book for only these questions.)

- Pass out Week 3 Science Homework Guide

- Finish up North Carolina River Basin Activity

- (Tuesday/Thursday 1st Core Class will take Science Test that they missed on Friday)

- Notes on Water Quality Properties with Video Clips


-EOG Science Warm Up Questions

- Check Homework Vocabulary and Questions

- Water Quality Stations



- Problems of the Day (Students should have a small composition book for only these questions.)

- Video Clips

- Square Roots and Cube Roots Notes

- Classroom Practice

- Homework Assignment



- Problems of the Day

- Check Homework

- Code Breakers Math Activity

- Homework = Study Guide for MATH TEST ON FRIDAY


- Problems of the Day

- Go over Study Guide

- Knock Out Review Game



- Problems of the Day


Science Homework Week 3 (9/8 to 9/11)

Water Quality Vocabulary 8.E.1.3 for Week 3

Part One: Define the following words.


dissolved oxygen (DO)









water hardness

Part Two: Search each word in Google Images to see pictures and diagrams.

Part Three: Choose the best answer

1. A measure of the natural populations of algae, plants, fish, and other wildlife provides evidence of the health of a body of water. By which term are these measures known?

A. pH indicators

B. bio­indicators

C. abiotic factors

D. turbidity factors

2. What does pH measure?

A. acidity/alkalinity

B. dissolved oxygen

C. nutrient level

D. turbidity

3. Which groundwater contaminant contained in fertilizers and pesticides comes from farms?

A. bacteria

B. mercury

C. nitrates

D. sodium

4. Which water quality indicator can be determined by measuring how light travels through water?

A. turbidity

B. temperature

C. nutrient level

D. dissolved oxygen

5. Which chemical elements in fertilizers pollute stormwater runoff and contribute to excessive plant growth in a water system?

A. iron and lead

B. copper and zinc

C. calcium and magnesium

D. phosphorous and nitrogen

6. If a newly discovered fish species is found to live in mildly acidic water, which is the best estimate of the pH range for the water?

A. 0–2

B. 5–6

C. 7–8

D. 13–14

7. Why do biologists use indicator species?

A. to compare freshwater and ocean ecosystems

B. to count the number of organisms present

C. to monitor water quality and biodiversity

D. to analyze the dominant species

8. Which groundwater contaminant contained in fertilizers and pesticides comes from farms?

A. bacteria

B. mercury

C. nitrates

D. sodium

9. Which organism would make a good bioindicator?

A. an organism that is endangered

B. an organism that is tolerant of slight physical or chemical changes

C. an organism that has reached its carrying capacity in the ecosystem

D. an organism that is not sensitive to slight physical or chemical changes

10.Which does an increase in eutrophication indicate to scientists studying a body of water?

A. an increase in fertilizer runoff

B. a decrease in pollutants from farm runoff

C. an increase in the health of the body of water

D. an increase in oxygen levels in the body of water

11.Which would a scientist expect to find in a lake that experienced a sudden increase in nitrate levels?

A. an increase in temperature

B. an increased number of fish

C. an increase in dissolved oxygen

D. an increased amount of algae and aquatic plants

12. The following water quality conditions are observed in a lake ecosystem:

-high nitrate concentration

-pH of 10

-low dissolved oxygen levels

-temperature of 60°F

Which best describes this ecosystem?

A. The ecosystem is suffering the effects of desalination.

B. The ecosystem is suffering the effects of lake turnover.

C. The ecosystem is suffering the effects of eutrophication.

D. The ecosystem is suffering the effects of evapotranspiration.

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