2 September 2021

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Dear Parents and Staff

Whilst we’ve already had a very busy school term, the next few weeks take this to an even higher level. With Book Week, Athletics Carnivals and Presentation Day planned for next week and our school’s involvement in the Spirit of the Arts and Grandparents’ Day the following week, there certainly won’t be a dull moment. Fortunately, not every event involves every child so there will still be time for teachers to keep children on track with their learning.


Last Saturday evening 40 of our Year Six students received the Sacrament of Confirmation administered by Bishop Don Sproxton. The excitement of the children in the days leading up to them receiving the Sacrament was so pleasing to see and made me very proud of both them and their teachers who have done a wonderful job of preparing them and instilling in them this joy of the occasion. It is said that we don’t know where the Spirit will lead us but, with such a positive input from all involved, I have no doubt that this will be to achieve wonderful things.


Next Friday we celebrate the life of one of our foundresses, Venerable Nano Nagle. Born in Ballygriffin, Ireland in 1718, she lived an exemplary life founding the Presentation Order of Sisters in 1775. Their mission was to serve the poor and to establish schools where these children could receive an education. Following Nano’s lead, the Sisters often visited the slum areas of Cork looking for children and families in need of support. As much of this searching occurred at night, they often carried a lantern, thus Nano was known as The Lady of the Lamp.

Nano’s legacy lives on through schools like ours that have been established by the Presentation Sisters worldwide. Whilst we don’t live in the past, the teachings and traditions of Nano and her Sisters should be a constant guide for all of us at Notre Dame Catholic Primary School.

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Yesterday morning we welcomed many of our dads, granddads and father figures to join us for breakfast which we hope they all enjoyed. Many were then able to join us for a whole school Mass in the church. During his homily Fr Stephen, who was standing in for Fr Quynh, said that he thought that the best gift that children could give to their dads is to do what they’re told. I wish my children were at the Mass to have heard this but, I seriously doubt that they would have listened. I hope all dads have a wonderful day on Sunday and their children spoil them.


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I have written about this event in a few of the recent newsletters as we will be involved on a number of occasions throughout the week. The Final Concert for the Festival of Performing Arts for Catholic Schools will be held at the RAC Arena on Monday 13 September. Our School Choir will be performing as part of a massed choir of over 1000 students from a range of Catholic schools. I have also been advised that our Senior Dance Troupe will be invited to perform at this event. Tickets for the Concert are now available through Ticketek and I encourage parents who would like to attend to purchase tickets as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

On Wednesday 15 September both of our Dance troupes and the school choir will be performing at Yagan Square between 12.00pm and 2.00pm and on Friday 17 September, the school choir will perform at Forrest Place with a selected group of students displaying things they have learnt in Makerspace at the same time. Parents of children in the school choir and the selected Makerspace students will be contacted in the next few days with details regarding times and travel arrangements.


Whilst the dates on this poster don’t match our celebration of all things Literary, it will none the less be a great time next week for us to focus on reading and the enjoyment that this can bring. Our Book Week Parade will be held in the Mother Mary Piazza at 9.00am next Wednesday but I encourage all to take the opportunity to immerse children in the joy of reading throughout the week and beyond by taking time to share the wonder and beauty of the written text.

Thank you to Mrs Sarmardin and her Year Six Library Monitors who have a great week of activities planned.


Thank you to all of the parents who attended our 4 Year Old Kindergarten meeting for 2022 enrolments last evening. I trust that you found the meeting to be informative however, if there are any of your queries that we didn’t cover, please contact Sharmane Dowse in the school office and she will follow these up for you. We look forward to welcoming both our current and new families and their children to our Kindergarten and school.

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Junior School Sports Carnival

Congratulations to all students who participated in the Carnival on Friday 27 August 2021. Thank you to all staff for your work in organising and managing the Carnival – it was a great day.

St Vinnies Winter Appeal

Thank you to all families and friends who have donated to the St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Bible Studies

Each Tuesday evening commencing at 6.00 pm in the Parish Centre.

Planned Giving Envelopes 2021 – 2022 Financial Year

The envelopes are available from the School side entrance of the Church. Please take the same number as last year and tick your name off. If you are taking a set for the first time, please write your name and contact details next to the number that you are taking. Direct Debit forms are also available. For further information, please contact the Parish Office on 9277 4094. Thank you for your ongoing support of the Parish.

Parish Raffle – Framed Crucifix

Tickets three for $10.00 are available from the School side entrance of the Church. All proceeds from the raffle go to the Parish Building Fund. Thank you for continuing to support Parish fundraising activities.

RCIA – Information Evening

Are you someone or do you know someone who has expressed an interest in becoming a Catholic? An Information Evening has been organised on Tuesday 7 September 2021, commencing at 7.15 pm in the Parish Centre. Please contact the Parish Office on 9277 4094 for further information.

Safeguarding Program

A free parent workshop has been organised on Tuesday 7 September 2021, commencing at 7.00 pm in the Cathedral Training Room. For bookings, please call 9221 7762 or 1800 072 390. Online bookings at or email

All participants in the workshop will receive a copy of the new Archdiocesan resource, Protecting God’s Children.

The Record Magazine - Issue 32 August 2021

Articles in this month’s Magazine include:

· Pastoral Letter – Voluntary Assisted Dying

· Special Report: Church in Western Australia enters new world order

· Plenary Council Agenda asks difficult questions

· Basilica in the Bush. Chittering parishioners called to be a community of disciples of Christ.

· Bernadette embraces her mission, guided by God’s love

· LIFELINK 2021: Find ways to be a joyful, hope-filled, servant community of God

· These and many more stories are available at

Father’s Day

I would like to wish all our Dads and Father figures in the Parish and across our school community a wonderful Father’s Day on Sunday.

Dr George Sekulla JP


Notre Dame Parish Council



Choir - Performing Arts

On the 25th of August the Year 3-6 Choir went to the Performing Arts for primary schools. The Choir sang songs. The first song was The Morning Song by Philip Godfrey. The second song was Giant Of The Forest by Glyn Lehmann. We sang in front of 4 groups, lots of parents and the judges. Nyree Nolan from 6M said a speech and I collected the certificate for Notre Dame. The judges said that we were the best Choir they saw.

India Douglas 6M


In preparation of confirmation all of the year sixes chose a saint that they were going to take as their confirmation name. We researched and did a report about our chosen saint. We researched about their Early Life, Holy Spirit's Influence, what made them special and why we chose our saint. I chose Saint Gemma and a fact about her is that she became a Saint on the 2nd of May 1940.

Miranda Loiacono 6M

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Year 6 Art

In art we have been doing do art called pointillism. It’s an art where you put lots of dots on a page. Every person in year 6 has been trying their best every art lesson. Even the teachers have been painting a picture.

Sascha Parry

This term we have been doing Pointillism painting with Mrs Flexman it has been really fun. Pointillism is painting but instead of brushing the painting you use dots to paint so there is a lot of small or big dots to make the painting. This type of painting is really enjoyable and fun to do. Year 6P has really enjoyed pointillism this term so far.

Cooper Forsyth

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Year 6 Excursion to Angelico Exhibition

In week 5, the year six class had an excursion to Parliament House and the Forrest Centre in the city. Once we arrived at the Art Exhibition we could see all the talented students' artwork, even some of our amazing student’s artworks! There were so many art pieces that were jaw dropping! Some of us couldn’t believe how many students in Perth have an amazing talent for art.

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Parliament House Excursion

On Wednesday the 18th of August the year six classes went to the WA Parliament House. On the trip students did a treasure hunt around Parliament House about the history around Parliament House. After the students had completed the treasure hunt they went inside with a tour guide. The tour guide told us about the history of Parliament House as we went around Parliament House. Just as we were leaving we met Mark McGowan while he was on his way to a press conference.

Kyle Johadi

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Mr Webb, Mrs Flexman & Miss Fimmano



Well done to our Netball A team who ended up undefeated throughout the entire Term 2 Friday Sport competition and took out the Interschool competition. Many thanks again to Mr Paddon who helped the girls to this fantastic effort. Well done girls and well done Notre Dame!

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Week 8 Senior Athletics - Ern Clark

Permission notes have gone out for both carnivals next week. The Field events will be on Tuesday 7 September & the Track/Team games carnival will be on Thursday 9 September, both held at Ern Clark. It is important that parents bring their own chairs and a reminder that there will be limited shade available for parents at Ern Clark. A coffee van has been booked for the Thursday carnival. We will not be providing extra chairs or shade for parents. Please make sure all permission forms have been returned and please email me if you have any specific queries by this Friday. All programs have been sent by email and were placed in last week’s newsletter. Parent helpers will be contacted by email this week.

2021 Junior Athletics Carnival

Last Thursday, PP - Year 2 students participated in the Junior Athletics Carnival. The day started off with a little bit of rain to bring back past carnival memories but soon cleared away to ensure all students, staff and parents had an enjoyable day. The coffee van was working overtime and there were plenty of great viewing areas for parents to see their kids perform with such enthusiasm and determination. Our Faction Captains looked the part for the day, dressing up in any colours they could find to help their faction over the line.

We started the day with out PP races which never disappoint and special mentions must go to the PP staff and Mrs Harland for their hard work and efforts preparing the children for the day. This year we looked at simplifying the carnival to ensure more opportunities for positive participation and being able to showcase each students fantastic athletic attributes in a variety of activities.

The day involved many close calls, with our place judges put to work with the help of our Photo Finish App to get the close calls correct! We finished the day with a new relay this year, combining hurdling, weaving and running for some fantastic close finishes in our Slalom Obstacle Relay! Well done to all students for their fantastic efforts throughout the day, along with our Faction Captains, parents, parent helpers and staff. The day ended up being a very close one with McAuley eventually ending up on top, again! Well done again to everyone involved and we look forward to the senior events to follow next week at Ern Clark.

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"Well done to the energetic students who took the free opportunity to learn how to play squash through the 5-week Sporting Schools Program which was held before school on Thursdays down at Belmont Squash Centre.

The program uncovered some very talented students, teachers and principal!" - Katy Scott
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Mr Webb

Yr 6 & Sports Teacher


It has been a very fruitful and busy term of music making with the Performing Arts Festival. The Year Three classes prepared and sang two hymns in the Primary Liturgical Choral section of the Festival and received a very positive report and a Merit Certificate for their beautiful rendition of their two hymns. The two hymns they sang had an Australian theme to them, as one was dedicated to Mary, Help of Christians who is the patroness of Australia. The second hymn ‘You are the light’ was written by an Australian Jesuit priest. Congratulations to the Year Three Children.

The choir children have made sure that their Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning rehearsals were put to good use as they rose to meet the challenge of singing two songs in two-parts, including one song about the centurion tree from Tasmania. The choir also received a very positive report and a Certificate of Excellence. The choir work continued with leading the singing at the Confirmation Mass last Saturday night and we received a lot of positive comments about the singing as we led the congregation in our worship of God. Well done and congratulations to all the choir members.

We will be sending copies of the reports home shortly.

But wait, there’s more. The choir children will be involved in three performances in the ‘Spirit of the Arts’ week. A note will be coming home shortly advising of all the details.

We would like to thank those staff members who helped us in the preparation of these performances and on the day and their parents who came and supported them and who support us by bringing their children to choir rehearsals. We know you make sacrifices to bring your children to choir rehearsal and we are very grateful.

Mrs Evans and Mr Loiacono

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In the past two weeks at OSHC, we focused on children's social and cultural contexts and based our planning on strengthening their relationship with peers and family.

The children were encouraged to talk with their friends at OSHC during heaps of fun topics.

· Who do you like to hang out with at OSHC?

· What animals do you have at home?

· What nickname do you get called at home?

· How do you feel on Fridays?

Children's voices are heard and included in our planning. Recently, the outside play time has been reduced due to bad weather. We have still managed to stay active! We played Tap and did chalk drawings under the eaves when it was raining. We had Pop-It races to see who the fastest popper was! A well-hidden toy could keep everyone looking for ages! Don't forget the favourite, Rubik Cubes. Jeremy has set his personal record to finish one single side of the Rubik Cube. He completed it in 17.07 seconds!

Almost everyone at OSHC has now made a bracelet or a necklace from colourful Loom Bands. These are great gifts to give to a friend to honour a friendship, or to give to a sibling to say, 'I love you'.

We hope all the Dads’ have a Happy Father's Day!


The canteen relies on the help of volunteers to ensure that it runs smoothly, so I would like to thank those parents who have given up their time to volunteer last term, your help is appreciated. If you would like to join our volunteer pool please come and see me in the canteen on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Even if you are only able to give half an hour of your time, every bit helps.

Hope to see you at the canteen soon.

Kayleen McLean

Canteen Co-ordinator


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Orders for uniform items are to be placed by emailing Mrs Danielle Lawrie ( The order form and price list are on the school website ( under "School Services."

Danielle Lawrie

Uniform Shop Coordinator


Did you know that a second hand uniform page, which is hosted and managed by Notre Dame CPS parents, operates on Facebook? This is a great place for you to buy and sell quality second hand uniforms. The active site is available to all members of the community who access Facebook. You can also access second hand uniforms at the school's uniform shop.


School Banking is held every Thursday from 8.00am in the library.

Barbara Jamieson

School Banking Coordinator


Notre Dame Mums’ Night

Thanks to all the Mums who came along to the Notre Dame Mums’ Night on Friday 27th August at the Empire Bar. There was a lot of great conversation, yummy food and even a bit of dancing towards the end of the night. We hope you all had a great time and we are keen to hear your feedback.

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Quiz Night Fundraiser

The Quiz Night fundraiser is coming up on Saturday 11th September. Tickets are available individually or you can book a table of 8:

The P&F encourages everyone to invite past Notre Dame families as well as friends and family to the Quiz Night. If you are interested in coming to the Quiz Night but are somewhat burdened by the prospect of organising a table, please book an individual ticket and we will kindly organise it for you.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Nicole Beresford -

Save the Date- term 4

ySafe presentation for students and parents - 8th November

Colour Run- late November

Nicole Beresford

President, P&F

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Keyed Up Music will be teaching guitar, drums and keyboard group lessons this term during school. Lessons start from $23.65 for a group of 2 or $34.10 for an individual lesson. If you are interested in your son/daughter learning an instrument, ring Savanna on 1300 366 243 or enrol at

VacSwim swimming lessons

Primary school

Enrolments are now open for VacSwim swimming lessons during the October and summer school holidays. VacSwim offers fun lessons at beach or pool locations. They are a great school holiday activity and they teach valuable safety skills to help keep your child safe in the water.

Enrol at

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A Dialogue with the Female Members of the Plenary Council - THURSDAY 9 September 5.30-8.30pm

The Council for Catholic Women Perth warmly invites you to a dialogue with the female members of the Plenary Council residing in Perth. Come and listen to what inspires and enriches their faith experience and hear about their hopes for the Plenary Council. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and to contribute to this dialogue. All welcome.

Venue : James Nestor Hall ,Catholic Education Office 60 Ruislip St West Leederville

When: Thursday 9 September - 5.30pm - 8.30pm (Light refreshments served 5.30pm - 6pm)

RSVP: Tuesday 7 September by email or mobile 0400 886 835


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Cloverdale Dental Clinic is open from 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

We are a free service and cater for school age children/teens from Kindy & Pre-Primary from the year they turn 5 to the end of year 11 or their 17th Birthday, whichever occurs first.

We are a Bachelor of Oral Health Final year placement clinic during university semesters. An experienced tutor oversees all check-ups and procedures.

It is not compulsory to enrol with the School Dental Service, if your children are having regular dental check-ups and treatment with their private family dentist, please feel free to remain with them.

If your address has changed/changes, please call us, as we send appointments to your home address, we also require current mobile phone numbers to send out text message reminders.

If your child has a toothache, please phone us on 9479 7222 between 8am-4pm, if you have an emergency outside of work hours, please contact your family dentist or the Emergency Service on 1800 098 818.


Cloverdale Dental Therapy Centre Staff

180 Fisher St (Clinic access through Gate 5 off Hendra St)

Cloverdale 6105

Ph: 9479 7222