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Free2live2 is a worldwide podcaste radio station.An empowerment station that interviews people's products, business and amazing stories, that helps give listeners hope and confidence. This mini newsletter will give you all the update news and announcements of next upcoming events or shows.


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Upcoming Interviews

Am I Understood?

Saturday, Sep. 15th 2012 at 8pm


Saturday 15th September @8pm live interview with USA based Borniiwin Monigue Fluker and RJ Hodge with Trevor Carter. Talking about how to build better relationship with young people and parents. A show not be missed!

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The Powerful Road To Self Discovery

Sunday, Sep. 16th 2012 at 3:30pm


Sabrina Ben Salmi.Sabrina is a passionate social entrepreneur, Multi award winner, a coach and author of LONE PARENTHOOD - ESSENTIAL TIPS ON HOW TO CREATE THE LIFE YOU DESERVE

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Am I Understood?

Sunday, Sep. 16th 2012 at 6pm


Every adult wants to understand young people. And every young person wants to understand adults. Join us for the LIVE Webinar with USA based Monique Fluker & RJ Hodges. Uk based Trevor Carter. Live answers to your questions

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Pre-recording Interviews

Transform Your LIfe Before 2013

Do you feel stuck in some way and unsure of how to move forward? Do you want to define clear steps to accelerate your wholistic development? Would you value the support of a certified Personal Coach, who can help you break through limitations and achieve important aspirations?


Why Are You Sitting On Your Talents!

Kereen Getten is working on helping more grass roots 'Talents' to be seen and lead them onto the road of success. You may have been told by friends, families that you are are good artist, dancer, singer, fashion designer, etc, but you never seem to believe you can do it?

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How do we know your ideal partner is the right one?

We continue with part 2 of interview with Sandra Rodney. She host a UK based Internet Radio (Ebony’s Real Talks) also a Relationship Life Coach and Trainer. She sees herself as a people person with a passion for change. She like to help her listeners on the shows and the people she worked with to be the change they want to see. Sandra does not believe in limitations and that fits her personality which is outgoing, fun-loving, highly active, energetic, an out of the box thinker and proactive

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Do you have so many things flying around in your mind?

If you’ve ever had a hard time getting or staying disciplined.You may have been struggling with a lack of motivation. Truth is, where we are today all depends upon our mindset, whether it be negative or positive.’ What ever we think is what we will become’ The mind is the most powerful element of the human body it controls all our thoughts, that leads to our actions. Thinking negatively leads to unhealthy results, such as depression, angry, and lack of sleep.

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