Credit Recovery Program

Albert Lea Area Learning Center 2021-2022

Last day of CRx is Tuesday, May 10.

New start date!

Credit Recovery will start October 4.

Students will continue to be enrolled as enrollment forms are returned to ALHS counseling office. Other area schools may enroll through their counseling office.

Teacher, course, and room numbers will be given Monday after school from Mrs. Henschel's room #114.

Spring Break

There will be no Credit Recovery March 14-15

Credit Recovery: When and Where?

  • Dates: October 4 - May 10
  • Days: Monday and Tuesday when school is in session.
  • Times: 3:15 - 4:30
  • In person location: Albert Lea High School
  • Online Academy students: Students will have the option of completing CRx in a distance format.

Credit Recovery

If you have failed a required course for graduation, you will need to enroll in Credit Recovery. You should contact your school counselor if they have not contacted you yet.

Jessica Hatland: A-K

Claire Bradley: L-Z

Credit Recovery Staff

Mrs. Henshel -English

507-320-1508 Room E114

Mrs. Richter - Math

507-320-9102 Room E118

Mr. Tran - Science

507-320-4293 Room E101

Mrs. Jeffrey - Social Studies -

520-320-1997 Room E115

Mr. Vilcins - Math Room E117

Paige Shaw - ALC Administrative Assistant 507-369-1453

Johanna Thomas - ALC Principal 507-369-1454

So now what?

Credit recovery is an opportunity for you to recover a required course that you have not earned credit (failure of the course). Successfully completing credit recovery will help ensure that you stay on track toward graduation. It is important that you start credit recovery once your counselor has talked to you about it and you are signed up. Our credit recovery program allows you to pretest on each unit. If you pass the pretest on a unit (60% or better), you move on to the next unit pretest. If you do not pass the pretest, the program will assign lessons based on the results of your pretest. Always try your best on the pretest and show us what you already know. However, there are times when completing unit assignments is important to your learning.


Odysseyware is the web based tool that is used for Credit Recovery courses. EXCEPT for English courses.

How to log in to Odysseyware


Username: first name initial + last name initial + student ID # (example: AS1305)

Password: student (first time users may prompted to change this password) *Please contact staff to reset if needed.

  • Contact a staff member if you are not able to log in.

First time users: After you have logged in, choose the LEARN button to watch a very helpful video.
Courses Tab: Shows you the courses you are enrolled in.
Assignments Tab: Shows assignments your teacher has assigned you.

AT = Pretest

L = Lessons

P = Projects

Q = Quizzes

T = Tests

S = Exam

Testing/Quiz guidelines:

**Teachers have the option to ask follow up questions and reassign questions or assignments as needed.

Academic integrity is expected when taking a test or quiz.

Credit Recovery:

  • Ability to PRE-TEST each unit for all students

    • Pre-test may allow you to test out of some or all assignments or units.

    • If a student passes ALL unit pre-tests in a course at 60% or higher they are exempt from the final.

    • If a student passes ALL unit pre-tests in a course at 60%, your credit will be awarded.

    • P (Pass) is awarded on your transcript when you successfully complete a course.

English Credit Recovery

Mrs. Henschel: 507-320-1508

is the English teacher for credit recovery. Once you are signed up for CRx, she will send you a link and invitation to her credit recovery google classroom. This will outline the requirements for English. English is a direct instruction course which addresses state standards through reading literature books of student choice and writing projects based on high school English standards. You will read and write in this class. Surprise!

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