Poetry One Pager

by:Kevin Nguyen

Image that should or be close to what you imaging in your brain while reading the poem

Key word that should go in your mind while reading this poem

  • Some of the words would be Religion and race because this time period is taking about it treating them unfairly ,only white people are even allowed to do anything and for example the white peoples taxes go way down but for blacks and Asian-American it goes up because of race,what you look like or even act like ,some white were slaves but not a lot as every other people and some get sold and even some get killed all I am trying to say is while get freedom but other races are not even people anymore . :(

The tone the poem create while reading the poem "We are not alone" By; Beatrice M. Murphy

  • The tone you should feel is like a harsh feeling and really feel sorry for that person because he is in this awful place and it feel like this is never going to end,maybe also a frighten feeling or surprise someone actually will do that and you will be happy that your not in that time period and also sad because they are getting treated not what they even ask for but just trash.

Poetic device in the poem

  • The bests poetic device in this poem is personification because It slowing the feeling of a object or a animal
  • Reason why:In the poem it states That the kid is shouting because someone is trowing rocks at his friend house and he can do nothing about it.
  • Poem evidence: "Mama! Mama! Tell me what happen son?"," it saying something happen and his mom ask him what happen and his mom said that he can't do anything about it

The meaning of the poem

  • The poem is telling once a time in the past all racist expects whites had to deal with their life in risks and only white are not worry white people still hate other racists even know presidents Abraham Lincoln ended slavery white still don't care about the others racist and the poem tells you what happen to other races and religion when they don't believe in the same person or their skin color is different or if they act different or other things too and Beatrice M. Murphy told that in her poem We Are Not Alone .