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british lit smores

Smore #1 What is Media Literacy ?

I think media is how information is broadcasted of portrayed to the outside world, it consist of current news, famous people, and politics. The media is not just one set person it is anybody who can broadcast, televise, write newspapers, or anything that once seen or heard can be widely viewed by other people and spread. The media I feel is what forms people opinion on people and current issues weather the information is wrong or right. The good thing about the media is there are some very good sources to go to obtain current knowledge and be up to date. The reason why is because many people tend to believe everything they see on social media without checking if it came from reliable source or not.

I believe to be media literate means that the information being seen by people is correct, it’s not stuff that is made up just to gain views it is actually facts from reliably or primary sources. I also believe it consist of being able to interpret and understand the media. I think that because to be literate means to be able to understand world and be able to write them as well so media literate must mean to understand the media and explain it as well. To be media literate you have to know how to analyze the data given to you and also be able to describe the analyzed information. This makes being media literate a very important ability to obtain.

Smore #2 What can I do ?

I pledge to help the black lives matter movement by making racial injustices that occur known. The more people that know about these cases the more likely action will be taken. I plan on doing this by telling my peers the benefits of posting about racial injustices on their own social media and also post about this subject on my own social media. The great aspect about social media post is that it is to be seen by the public, and many times not only my followers will see my post but my followers followers could see my post. This could start a chain reaction, even though not all the people that see my post will have urge to help its likely at least some will and if they take the same steps or similar steps in which I take to spread these injustices.

Not only will I post on my social media but also speak out about my opinion on these unfair events, so that the people I associate with understand where my opinion comes from and do research of there on the subject. When people research they gain information and that is key to making a difference the saying “knowledge is power” is real in society. The steps In which I am taking to help the “black lives matter movement” shows the power in people. The only way change can come about is if we can inform as many people as possible. If were all fighting for the same goal, which is equality, why not fight together to make a bigger impact.

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Smore #3 Superbowl Commercial Analysis Preci

In the Super bowl commercial “restricted bling” Drake the rapper is seen dancing and singing in the hotline bling box, and after he finishes phone carriers ask him to critique his lyrics. The producers of this commercial add lyrics into the song that include all the barriers and limitation that come with other phone carriers “Mexico and Canada are not included”, also the hidden fees that carriers don’t tell you about “include streaming music will ensure data charges”. They Using example of bad qualities that come with other phone carriers (data charges, country restrictions, and two year contracts) in order to entice people to go to there trusted carrier of T-Mobile, because they don’t have those qualities; to help prove there point they use the well known celebrity Drake to also help with attracting customers. The commercials audience is people with other phone carriers because the whole message of the commercial was to give information on all the horrible aspects other carriers have by telling people in a humorous tone.

Smore #4 How does Gender in Advertising affect society?

I see advertising as a way to convince and persuade people into buying a specific product. It’s a way to get consumers to think about the product and consider investing in it. It affects society by deciding what’s important and necessity to fit in or be normal. Advertising is part of the problem why society is so materialistic and value human interaction less and products more. People feel they benefit more from materials because it boost their status of being seen as having money and being rich, which now a days makes you so called “cool”. It dictates societal values by choosing what we care about and donate our time to and what we see as unimportant and meaningless. Advertising has so much power of our minds and most people don’t even notice it. We see them as harmless commercial but really they are molding are society in ways we didn’t even see coming. These commercials choose what appeals to us because we see them over and over and begin to like the product especially see our peers with the product and celebrities. As people we value what most of the people around us value and have and those we look up to.

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Smore #5 media manipulates

Media manipulates viewers by constantly putting ideas in there head. They do this by repetitiveness and as viewers we become gullible and start to believe what we see. People don’t even notice that they are being convinced because it happens slowly. The media also uses celebrities in order to help convince buyers; the reason why is because they know people look up to them and want what they have, so they use there product as something these celebrities have and people buy them. Another tactic the media uses to get buyers is by exaggerating commercials; they tend to make the product they are selling more lavish and wonderful than it actually is. They do this by using special effects and background music, and viewers actually fall for it and are amazed by all the so called ”cool features” they have. Which starts a ripple effect because one many people have these items other people don’t want to feel out of the loop and also buy these items, and the sales just continue to grow. The media uses any and every way possible to manipulate people because at the end of the day all they care abut is how much money make.

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Smore #6 Should Apple Fix

Apple should unlock the phone. The reason I believe that is because unlocking this phone go farther than just protecting privacy the lives of this country is at stake if the phone is not unlocked; which is far more valuable in protecting. Also I feel apple is not truly resisting locking the iPhone for freedom but mainly they do not want to loose customers. They know that if people feel there information is not safe they more persuaded to switch brands, and when that happens more people tend to follow along. They are resisting to benefit themselves, not to benefit the people. Also the way the encryption works is that the government has to physically have the phone, and a computer generates millions of passwords until the phone unlocks. The way Apple portrays it is that anyone can just unlock your phone when in reality it’s not that easy. If apple is not willing to do the job the FBI already has others who are willing to do the job, so its just a matter of time till its unlocked. If the phone gets unlocked it has the possibility to save thousand of lives by getting ahead on ISIS and preventing further attacks, way more is at stake than just privacy.

Smore #7 agree or disagree ?

I agree with the statement “society would be safer if we had security cameras in public places to catch potential criminals.” This would make it much easier to catch guilty people in court because of physical evidence. Also cameras would allow police to catch plethora of people with actually knowing there identity and not have to go off of what a witness thinks they might have seen. In many cases eye witness can not recognize nor describe the right identity either because there memory is fuzzy or because they didn’t get a good look. Also when eyewitnesses give their testimony on a guilty person in court they risk their own safety because of the criminal’s vengeance and friends of the criminal’s vengeance. Cameras would allow this to not be as much of a problem by taking the place witnesses and using a reliable source. Not only will it help catch criminals but also cameras will deter them from wanting to do illegal things. The reason why is because now they know they have a bigger chance of being caught and are not going to want to take the risk as much. Criminals are going to have to go to much drastic measures to be not seen.

Smore #8 Get it Straight- Politifact

Through doing this politifact project I have found that many candidate running for president are willing to say and do anything to get votes. They lie and make false accusation just so that voters like them more. This shows why it is critical that voters themselves fact check the candidate in which they plan on voting for, because the person you thought they were could be totally false. If the presidential candidate your voting for is willing to lie now what stopping them from doing it in office. They know that majority of people are not going to take the time to look up if what they say is true so they just say it and face no repercussions. People don’t want to take the time out of their day to check but don’t realize that it is extremely important to know who you are voting for in order to keep America running with a qualified president. We cannot rely on the media to tell us the truth because not only are there sources unreliable sometime, but also they tend to bias, which leads them to tell information that false as well and leave out certain information. The problem with not looking up fact is that we believe everything we the candidates say. It puts the control in the presidential candidates hand and not in voters them self.so why not take a few minute out of your day to check fact so that you know who you are really voting for when it comes your time to elect. We want to put some one in office in which we the American people trust.

Smore #9 Ain't Rebellion Fine

The Uprising

In the past people have rebelled numerous times in hopes of making change. One type of rebellion that has occurred in history over and over again are African American slave rebellions. What makes these rebellions so powerful is the amount of people involved. Slave come together and risk their lives in hopes of freedom. Knowing the consequences of being lynched, beat ,and mutilated they still do it because the tiniest glimmer of hope makes it worthwhile risking their lives. When big groups rebel it gives them more strength allowing them a better chance of winning and gaining freedom. Also word spread fast when occasions like rebellions go down and it persuades other groups of slaves to try and rebel. Many aspects inspire slaves to rebel one of them being anger. To see the people you love and yourself being treated as if your life is worth nothing makes you want change. Also the chance to not have your children go through what you went through is worth taking dangerous chance because the only thing worse than you yourself getting abused is seeing your own child getting abused. Slaves were willing to go to tremendous extent just to be free and if it meant risking their lives it was worth it because a life bound in shackles is almost not worth living at all.

Slaves had to be sneaky and cunning if they wanted to get more participants involved in their rebellions. One technique activist used to get other involved in their rebellions was to use slaves that worked the underground waterways to spread work and also use free slaves to spread the world because they were not bound to a plantation. When this was done it allowed slave from all over to join in on certain rebellions and increased the number of people involved, which was the most important factor. Another tactic slaves used to get the upper hand on whites was to raid their owner weapons or weapons near by and use them for the rebellion. This made sure that the slaves were not left totally defenseless.

In current day society we face a rebellion of our own going on, the Trump rebellion. People are rallying and getting violent for their desired presidential candidate. They are doing this in hopes that it helps Donald trump get elected for presidency. They reason they are trying so desperately and going to violent measures to get him elected is because they want his ideas to come to life if and when he gets into office.

Smore # 10 Government Wins Again

In the book 1984 Winston is a similar version of Edward Snowden. They relate because just Edward Snowden Winston realizes that the government is using it power unjustly. Both the fictional Winston and real Edward Snowden had the urge to expose the government but know that the repercussions that they could face had the possibility of ending their lives. Also Winston relates to Edward Snowden because just like the book 1984 they both feel the burden of being surveillance and wanting to do something about it. In the ted talk on surveillance it shows how in Snowden cases Any where and everywhere can be hacked which in the book its like how teleprompters are everywhere and big brother can her anything he wants. They both feel as if where they live nowhere is safe they both realize the dark side of technology and what is has done in each of there societies and wish that the government did not have hold of such powerful tools. Winston and Edward Snowden differ in the fact that even though Winston hates the government and wants to do something about it wont but Snowden on the other hand raised this information for all to have about the governments surveillance problem. He took action unlike Winston and was willing to face the consequences. Winston though wants change is not willing to take the consequences because he wants to live which is why he takes some what precaution in everything he does. Snowden is the one who has guts and wants to do his people a service even though it is hard. Winston is waiting on something good to happen like rebellion as long as he is not the one leading it or starting it because he does not want to take those chances.

Smore #11 is technology really heaven?

In “science and technology” by Orwell he describes how technology was growing rapidly and how it thought to continue to grow at the same rate but is all was brought to a halt. It stopped because time and money were going to wars and revolution, but that’s not the only reason it stopped. The other reason it stopped was because people all thought at a basic level, creativity and difference no longer occurred in a persons mind: therefore all progress stopped and in the end society took a step back in time than moving forward. The reason he believes society took a step back overall is because even though back in time technology and science were not as up to date as they were then, at least they were always coming up with something new. Their minds were constantly progressing: unlike where as now in Orwell society people’s minds are staying stagnant.

Smore #12 happness vs freedom

I think that in society you need both because without freedom you are not truly happy your just tricking yourself to believing you are or you ignore the fact, and that when you have freedom although it may not be in the best circumstance that part of you is relived and happy that your free and not bound in tight shackles. That is why I do not agree with Winston because you can’t have one with out the other, it’s all or none. Citizens should not be given an ultimatum on weather to be falsely happy and live in a fake reality or to be free but with consequences. Snowden exemplifies this by choosing to give people freedom by informing citizens that are government has a tighter grip on our personal lives than we ever thought and similar to 1984 we are being monitored and we don’t even know it. Snowden helped take citizen out of their false happiness and gave people a sense of reality. He helped prove to us that the government is not as just as it seems and exposed this information to give people a choice on weather or weather they o not want to do something about it.

Smore #13 gaslighting

Gaslighting is a form a mental abuse, when a person manipulates someone to thinking that there wrong and that there insane. Is gotten so popular and easy for people in power to do to the American public because they are not questioned. They tell these lies and are rarely ever challenged by the public. They also face no repercussion and have no one to answer too. It’s getting more and more popular because others are begging to following in the footsteps and just like before are not questioned enough. Also when these people are targeted for gaslighting, many times they come after those who do so and no one wants to be the one who targeted by these powerful politicians people.

An example of politicians who gaslight is Hillary Clinton, she had confidential emails on her personal computer and lied about it to the public. When the government tried to find out what as in these emails the emails were deleted. The one way we can combat gaslighting and hold politicians responsible for the things they say is by not being afraid to question politicians and make others aware of the problem so that they can question. Also we can help combat gaslighting by keeping evidence and doing background research of what politicians say.

Smore #14 performance final (part 1)

In society to ensure that our unhealthy relationship with technology does not turn permanent I plan on discontinuing the use of my phone when conversing with people or being in a group. Not only do I plan to make a change in myself ,but also attempt to make a change in those around me, by informing them of the negative affects technology has and society and how they can change it. This addiction we have to technology is something we have control over. It our choice to get an unhealthy attachment technology and social media, we are so accustomed to it that we fear what life would be like if we took a break. We also judge those of us who don’t view social media as high as those of us in society because of our obsession. In todays generation we care more about likes on a picture than we do school; but what we don’t realize is we have the power to break these chains in which social media has bound us in by simply not caring and not prioritizing it over all.

There is a plethora of ways to use technology’s evil for good. One of the ways is by broadcasting over social media the importance of face-to-face human interaction and the dangers that technology has over your mental health. The benefits of broadcasting this information over social media is that many people would see this and hopefully feel the urge to help and also pass the info on to other. Another way to use technology for good is by creating apps that could give you little reminders to put down your phone and spend quality family/friend time. Or you could even place those reminders in your phone manually because most phone now a day have that capability. Though these actions don’t seem big they have a huge impact on you and others.

Smore #14 performance final (part 2)

My views on media literacy from the beginning of the semester to now have deepened. I know realize that there are so much more to media literacy than before such as politics and how politics is a big factor to media literacy. In this class I have learned to master a précis without it taking hours. I also learned in this class how to annotate and what information is important in books and articles and how to spot them. The biggest skill I have learned from this class is how to write faster due to smores I know this skill will be very beneficial to my life in college. This language art is different from others because it was very In depth. Every subject that we ever encounter we analyzed. This helped give a better upstanding of all materials and also helped me when writing about the materials. What could be done in the future to make this class better is more discussions over the topics we cover. So that we could understand what our peers think and where there ideas come from. This would allow for a more open feeling class.