Trumpet of the Swan

book by BY: E.B White ; presentation by: Ciara Miller

Main Idea

The main idea of the story is that Lewis is different from the other swans. He can't talk. So, He went out to find him something to express him self.

Brief overview of story

Lewis is born, born different. What? He can't talk? That's odd. That's absurd! A disgrace! How will we fix it? I don't know! But Lewis knows! Lewis is a swan that could not make the natural sound a swan makes, a peep couldn't even come out of his mouth. His dad needed to find him a voice so he got a trumpet. Lewis was now famous. He stayed at hotels, ate watercress sandwiches, He became famous! Go Lewis! He played his tunes, wrote on his chalkboard... Every thing is good right?


I give this book a 3 star rating. This book was ok. It wasn't my favorite book but I still liked how it used many descriptive words, and was very easy to catch on. I just thought they could have added more to the book, more details. It was using descriptive words it just it was very simple down to the point. Not a huge climax, or a huge problem for that matter.