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***** BOOM!! HEAD SHOT! ***** The Biggest F'n Gun in the app store


***** BOOM!! HEAD SHOT! ***** The Biggest F'n Gun in the app store

About My BFG - The Biggest F'n Gun in the app store

***** BOOM!! HEAD SHOT! *****

My BFG (My Big Freak'n Gun) is an augmented reality app that gives you the power to transform your iOS device into an awesome sniper rifle complete with zoom, night vision (also acts as a bonus flashlight!), silencer, and multiple scope reticles to choose from (10 included!).

My BFG allows you to take a snap shot of your targets and share them with your friends via Email, Facebook, Twitter, or Copy for MMS & pasting into any application you choose! Shots can also be saved to your "Hit List" for sharing at a later date or time. Location data is also saved with each shot (the level of detail to share is up to you) so you will know exactly where each shot happened.


  • Turns your iOS device into a sniper rifle
  • Night Vision
  • Flashlight for supported devices
  • Zoom in on your target
  • Hit List saved with location for later viewing / sharing
  • Hit List also viewable on a map similar to iPhoto
  • Email sharing
  • Twitter sharing
  • Facebook sharing
  • Copy (for MMS)

An app by Zuke Technologies LLC

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