Sloth Bear

Melursus ursinus


Domain: Eukarya- a domain where all multicelluar organisms reside in and also some singular celled organisms

Kingdom: Anamalia- All animals are part of this kingdom and also does not contain any prokaryotes as well all have ganglia or brain

Phylum: Chordota- All have complete digestive system, body contains spiral cells

Sub Phylum: Vertabrae- All animals have vertabraes, paired kidneys to drain waste, has a pancreas and large glands

Class: Mammalia- produces milk with glands, all have hair, egg layers

Family: Ursidae- all bears, weigh from 65-800 kg and are very defensive

Genus: Melursus- sloth bear

General Facts

Height: 30-60 CM

Length: 1.4-1.8 M

Weight: 79-140 Kg

Color: CInnoman Brown, hints of brown and has u on its face and a y

Natural Range: Most Live in India, Sri Lanka and further north into Bangeldash, Nepal, and Bhutan

Diet: Ants, Termites, Fruits and edible flowers

Habitat Description: Mainly live in tropical areas. Also live in forested and grassy areas. Prefer low elevation and rocky outcrop.

Predator: Tigers, Leopards and other bears

Physical Adaptions

They have three inch claws that are powerful for defending and good for hanging trees and in addition it shambles while walking normal but can gallop up to 30 mph which can make it outrun other bears and can give the predators false ideas. Also they are omnivores which gives them to eat more than one type of food if its meat source or fruit source run out somehow. Their loose muzzle and mouth it makes it easier to suck up termites from the holes. Mothers have long hairs on the back for the cub to hold onto and survive. (also known as symbiosis but for same organism). Also it can plug its nose so it can build up pressure and blow away debris easier

Behavioral Adaptions

It is very defensive and violently attacks IF attacked and eats humans crops even though dangerous easier for them to eat and since it attacks crops it does it at night so humans don't kill them for it. Also it is smart for the future it takes care of its offspring too carry genes for future slothy bears. Also lives in tropical and forest there because their main food is abundant there-fruit-. It sniffs for food since partially deaf and blind. It also has tactics like when a bird leaves its nest unattended it takes the eggs and eats them.