CVES Faculty Memo 9/19/16

"It's A Great Day to Be a Warrior!"

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Instructional Focus

  • Instructional Rounds (3rd and 2nd grade teachers September 21st and 22nd) Agenda & Schedule Attached to memo email)
  • Instructional Round look-for's (attached to memo)
  • 1. Are students using academic language of Learning Targets?
  • 2. Are students purposely engaged in activities related to learning target?
  • 3. What checks for understanding are evident
  • Area of Professional focus for CVES (attached to memo)
  • PLPs due September 23rd in EDUCATE AL (indicator 2.8 for school-wide PLP and one personal PLP goal). (attached to memo as a reminder)
  • Our district wide-local indicator will be increase student engagement with technology. Our baseline data will be from last year. We should see an increase district-wide with the new devices, STEAM, Google Classroom, etc. We will use ELEOT observation tool to collect this data. Very exciting! We will have more discussions about this. If you have an outstanding lesson with integration of technology, please email Cole, Wesson, and Alverson. (Local indicator is attached to memo)
  • Grade level meetings -September 19th at 3:15
  • PLCS-pods will meet September 26th at 3:15 or some agreed upon time that week to discuss assessments, instructional strategies, and at-risk students. (Use form from PST presentation. We will send additional forms to help guide discussion.
  • Technology committee will have PJ day on September 30th. Students bring a $1.00 to wear PJs. Funds will go into technology account.

Family Math and Reading Night

Please add to your newsletters:

Family night for Math and Reading-Tuesday, October 4th

5:00- Book Fair & BBQ

6:30-7;30 Classroom visits

Lazy Boy will be bringing their food truck. They will send a pre-order form for families next week. We will also have buffet for all teachers before the activities begin.

handout attached to discuss at grade level meetings

Counselors' Corner

  • PARENTING DAY-October 21st for Kindergarten, Second, & Third Grade. Tentative date for First grade is October 27th.
  • ACT Aspire-3rd Grade Teachers- great job on completing the first week of Aspire Interim I testing! This upcoming week and going forward, you will be responsible for administering the assessments. Testing tickets and detailed instructions will continue to be provided, and counselors and administrators will be on stand-by to assist when needed. As you have noticed, as soon as your students in your session finish the assessment, counselors can close out the session and generate immediate results. Thank you for your flexibility in allowing your students to be pulled for make-ups.
  • Ms. Byrd is taking K-1 referrals for Friendship Skills, Decision Making, and Self-Concept small groups. Please send her the names of students who would benefit from any of these small groups.
  • Please remind parents and students our food drive from Manna Charities. September-Boys bring peanut butter & girls bring jelly.

Info and updates from front office

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  • Shout out to Ms Tipton's class from Karla Butler. Every child said please and thank you during Kona Ice!! Great job!
  • Certified employees-If you are a certified employee-teacher, etc. and you are out 1/2 a day then you must clock/punch in and out for the hours you are here. If you come in at mid day and clock/punch in then you to clock/punch out at the end of the day also. If you come in first thing and take the afternoon off, then you have to clock/punch in and clock/punch out for that 1/2 day. The system only automatically clocks you out if you are here all day.
  • Please remind parents we do not accept excuses through emails and please put students' first and last names on items coming to the office.
  • Please advertise Cozy Sheets fundraiser in your newsletters. (letter going home on Monday September 19th) Proceeds go to general fund

Important Dates

September 19th-Grade level meetings-Discussion of PLC meetings

September 19th-Kindergarten parent conference night 5:30 & 6:30

September 19th-Cozy sheets fundraiser

September 20th-Body Trek tour begins

September 21st & 22nd Instructional Rounds for 2nd and 3rd grade teachers

September 21st-Flu Clinic & Vision research -Adult 8:30-10:30

September 26th-PLC grade level pod meetings at 3:15 or alternate time decided by PLC

September 27th - Leadership Team meeting at 7:00 am

September 27th-2nd and 3rd grade Reading planning meeting at 3:15

September 30th-PJ day for Technology

October 3rd-7th-Book Fair

October 3rd-Faculty meeting at 3:15

October 4th-Family Math and Reading night at 6:30

October 5th & 6th Grandparents' breakfast

October 7th-end of 1st nine weeks

October 7th-Kindergarten Community helper day

October 7th-End of first nine weeks

October 10th-Columbus Day -schools and offices closed

October 11th-Math Planning day for 2nd and 3rd grade at 3:15

October 11th, 12th, 14th, 17th, 18th, 19th-3rd grade classes to Quarry

October 12th-K & 2nd grade data meetings (schedule attached to memo)

October 13th-3rd grade data meetings (schedule attached to memo)

October 13th-Kindergarten to Pumpkin Patch

October 14th-K & 2nd grade data meetings (schedule attached to memo)

October 14th-report cards go home

October 17th-21st-National Bus Driver Appreciation week

October 17th-Committee meetings at 3:15

October 18th-PTO music performance 2nd grade at 6:00 & 7:00

October 20th-Kona Ice

October 21st-parenting day

October 24th-28th-Red Ribbon week

October 24th-Grade level meetings at 3:15

October 25th-2nd and 3rd grade Reading planning meeting at 3:15

October 27th-Parenting day for First grade classes (tentative date)

October 28th-Book Character day

October 31st-PLCs-pod meetings