Coal Mining

Coal mining was difficult for the people of great britian

coal miners worked in darkness or little light and coal dust was pushed up when workers moved

  • No light or little in the passage ways
  • Darkness made it harder for workers to see what they were doing or where they were going
  • coal dust damaged miners lungs making it harder to work

Dangers of explosions, floods, and collapsing tunnels

  • Explosions could not be predicted in mines
  • Floods could wash people away and trap them or drown them
  • Collapsing tunnels could trap workers in the mines or injury them

Women and children working in mines

  • Pulled carts on all fours sometimes
  • Had to lift baskets of coal up ladders
  • Pushed carts in complete darkness for long hours

How the Coal Mining in Great Britain gets better

  • Children don't have to work in mines anymore
  • Less hours workers have to work
  • steam engine pumps water out of mines so flooding problem is solved