Second Grade Weekly Newsletter

January 15-29

This week we are learning:

Reading: We will focus on identifying the main idea and supporting details in stories we read.

Writing: We will learn how to paraphrase information from a non-fiction text into our own words.

Spelling: We will learn words with the short and long -a sound.

Phonics: We will focus on the endings of words. For Patterns of Power, we will focus on adverbs that convey time.

Math: Students will begin studying money and the value of coins.

Science/Social Studies: In social studies this week we will learn about saving ad spending. In science, students will identify and compare the properties of natural sources of freshwater nd saltwater.

Important Dates:

February 5th: Valentines Treats due (more information to come)

February 11th: Valentines Party

February 12th: Bad Weather Day

February 15th: No school for kids

February 26th: Half Day/asynchronous learning

March 10 & 11: Class Picture Day

Face to Face Schedule:

Conference Time: 9:00-9:50

Lunch: 12:50-1:20

Recess: 10:45-11:00 and 2:25-2:40

Virtual Schedule:

Conference Time: 9:05-9:55

Lunch: 12:00-12:30

Recess: 12:20-1:00

This Week:

Homework: Your child will have a homework assignment on Tuesday and Thursday nights in addition to reading 20 minutes. On Tuesday nights your child will be assigned a math homework page and on Thursday evenings and your child should study for their spelling assessment on Friday.

Supply Fee: Please don't forget to pay your $11 supply fee located in skyward. This fee helps us provide paper supplies for your child and is greatly appreciated!

Wednesday Folders: Don't forget to check your Wednesday folder email weekly for important CES information.

District Counselors K-6 Newsletter:

Important Reminders:

  • Virtual Learners: Please view Encore Guidelines. Your child is required to complete their Encore schedule each week. These classes will receive a grade on your students report card.
  • If you need to make a change the way your child is getting home, please send your child's teacher. If it is a change that needs to happen that day and you do not get a response from the teacher, please call the office and they will let your child's teacher know.
  • Our lunch is late in the day. Please send a healthy, simple, finger food (no spoons or forks) snack to eat while working. The snack may not contain nuts or be produced in the same facility as other products with nuts.
  • Remember to wear athletic shoes on PE days (or bring some to change into)
  • Please make sure to check your child's lunch account fund.
  • Please contact the office to report your child's absence to ensure the absence is recorded correctly.
  • If your emergency contact information changes, be sure to let your teacher know as well as make changes in Skyward.
  • Birthday treats must be purchased through the CES cafeteria this year.