steel and gold smithery

owned by Isaiah Huston

steel and gold smithery

steel and sold smithery is a smith that sells weapons and armor for a small cost not all are lethal but some are

the six business activities of steel and gold

1.lethal and nonlethal weapons from movies/games

2.we will ask around the town in public affairs for donations and make them want to donate by having little shows with the weapons made in the smith

3.employment:trainees are given one year to make two weapons one lethal one non lethal

the lethal one will have to be able to slice or shot through wood and a cinder block starting with one ending with at least three and the nonlethal one must not be able to slice through something but must be strong enough to fence, kendo (martial arts form of fighting with a sword) or role playing

4.what goods are bought to improve business:goods and services bought to improve business can be belt grinders metal trucking services welding machines metal smelters molten metal

5.small amount of marketing around town and in functions or sells outside till we get enough return customers and money to market on television maintain business records we will have two online copies one at the smith and one at on the owners personal computer and one hard copy in the smith

steel and gold is a sole proprietorship

i chose this because i am the only one who is helping mostly with this smithy


There are many advantages to operating a sole proprietorship. For instance, starting the company requires very little paperwork or legal formalities. At most, business owners must register their business name with the state’s corporate filing agency. Also, there are very few regulations that apply to sole proprietorships. Business owners are free to run the company in any manner they see fit. They make all decisions regarding how the business operates and do not have to meet federal or state standards regarding organizational structure or shareholders, as with corporations.

Sole proprietors also have the benefit of not paying business taxes. Company profits are filed on the owner’s personal income tax return. All business profits can be reinvested in the company or passed directly to the business owner. Further, when it is time to close up shop, the business can be easily dissolved, according the Small Business Administration.

  • Disadvantages

    One of the biggest disadvantages of a sole proprietorship is that it does not provide business owners with any liability protection. Sole proprietorships have no limited liability. If the company were to be sued, the party seeking the judgment can rightfully come after the assets of the business as well as the personal assets of the business owner. Sole proprietorships are considered a risky business structure for this reason. Entrepreneurs are vulnerable to lawsuits and are at risk of losing personal possessions if company assets are not sufficient to cover bad debts.

    Sole proprietors are also less likely to attract a significant amount of business financing for expansion and growth. According to the Small Business Administration, many sole proprietors are often limited to using funds from personal savings or consumer loans.

the goals of the first year of business least one hundred assorted weapons like swords and guns and knifes and even self defense weapons have two hundred customers to come at least once sell to an important person in the town or state gain two employees

5.perfect weapon making

mission statement

steel and gold will create many items that can be used for many different uses not just for protections also for preparing food or for chopping wood