Mrs. Wilson's Classroom

October 5-9

6th Grade Happenings

Tuesday the students read an annotated text titled "Is This the Most Hated Athlete of All Time?" I had the title on the screen before the students received the article. It was interesting to hear the names that some of the students guessed. I think I only heard one correct answer, which was Lance Armstrong. The annotations were due this Friday.

Wednesday we started out narrative writing unit. The sixth graders focus on personal narratives. We talked about what techniques good narrative writers use. Each student picked one small moment and practiced putting in the techniques that we discussed.

Thursday we mapped out a setting than could hold a few small moment stories for us. The students had a lot of fun mapping out the area of their choice. The students then chose one small moment to write about. Our goal was to get two full pages of writing out of that one small moment.

Friday we again generated ideas for small moments to write about. It is important for students to feel comfortable and confident in their writing topic. Today we looked at moments where students did a task for the first or last time. Ask your child if they have an idea what they would like to write their personal narrative about.

On a side note, we are working on uploading our camp pictures to the Middle School website in the Photo Gallery. Just a few are there now if you would like to check them out. I am hoping to have the link for you in next weeks newsletter.

7th Grade Happenings

Tuesday I introduced the annotated text, "Is This The Most Hated Athlete of All Time?" The annotations for this article were due Friday. Ask your child their thoughts/opinions about this article on Lance Armstrong.

Wednesday students worked on taking their story arc or plot diagram (which we filled out last week on their fictional narrative idea) and worked on expanding their ideas by adding dialogue, actions, and character thoughts and emotions.

Thursday we focused on using transitions in our writing and cutting out the moments that don't need to be in our writing.

Friday students worked on wrapping up their rough draft. Whatever they didn't finish in class became homework.

Upcoming Dates

October 11- Keys Walk/Run

October 15- Drop -in Conferences - See Mrs. Skelton's information

October 20- Scheduled Conferences

October 30- Halloween Dance 6-8 PM

November 3- End of 1st quarter (Already?!?)

November 9- No School- PD Day