Collection 1 Project

Analyzing the Role of Sequence and Cause and Effect



For the first part of your project, you are going to create, plan, and then implement a personal schedule using a technological tool/program of your choice!

This schedule will cover the week of Monday, October 19th to Sunday, October 25th.

This is SEVEN days!

Your schedule should account for ALL time available in each day. You do not have to detail the actual school day, but you should be specific for any time for after school activities.

After planning out your week, you will have to send me evidence of your schedule. This can be through email, and can be in any electronic form, even including screen shots if needed!

Your schedule is due by Monday, October 19th.

Some Apps or Websites you can use to create your schedule:

(These are just some options; you do not have to use one of these!)

Part 2 (of 3) - THE TIME JOURNAL

After you have created your schedule, you will attempt to follow it for one week, keeping a DAILY TIME JOURNAL (medium of your choice) reflecting on your experiences.

While you are required to have a minimum of one paragraph, you should make sure that each entry is substantial and provides evidence of a thorough and deep analysis and reflection on the use of your time. This can rarely be done in one complete paragraph!

Some questions to help you in your reflection:

  • What are some of the consequences if you don’t complete certain tasks listed?
  • Are there tasks that have prerequisite tasks?
  • What are some ways to balance a busy schedule and meet the needs of yourself and others?
  • What tasks are more important than others and why?
  • What does you consider when you prioritize what tasks you have to accomplish?

Additionally, you may decide what form your journal will take. For example, it can be a notebook and handwritten, a blog online, or some other form of your choosing. If you are feeling super creative and have an idea, check with me just to make sure it will meet the requirements.

Time Journal Assessment

Each entry will be scored using the Time Journal Assessment Rubric.

Click on the image to the right to see the rubric.

Part 1 Due - The Schedule

Monday, Oct. 19th, 2pm

Room D1

Please submit via email!

Part 2 Due - The Time Journal

Monday, Oct. 26th, 2pm

Room D1