Neuro News

Forney,Tx Juanary 1st, 2027

Newspapers project by Makayla Coggins

Advice Column

Dear Carolyn,

I just got a new job. I really like this job but I can't tell anyone what it is. If I did I would get fired. How am I supposed to keep this from my mom and best friend? They are going to think I work for someone bad or do something bad.

- Hacker (Sam)

Dear Hacker,

I think you should ask the people you work with how they don't tell anyone. Become friends with them so if you need to talk to someone about work you can talk to them. Tell your mom and best friend as much as possible without saying where you work.

- Carolyn

Persuasive Movie Review

Brain Jack by Brian Falkner is a thrilling action adventure movie. In this movie you will see things like a destroyed Las Vegas, three hackers trying to save the world from destruction, and a teen boy who may or may not change the world. Sam Wilson played by Josh Hutcherson is a hacker who went from a normal boy wanting a Neuro headset to a boy who works for the government and doesn't want to touch a headset. This is a must see movie.

Feature Article

Sam and Fargas head to Telecomerica in Manhatten. Telecomerica is a highly equipped building with guards and metal detectors at every corner along with bomb proof shutters. Sam sat in the cafe with his computer and Fargas across the street watching the guards. Sam and Fargas wanted Neuro headsets so they decided to hack into the network and get them. Sam starts hacking and for awhile nothing happens. A couple minutes later the company hackers caught on to what Sam was doing. They knew he was somewhere in the building so they sent security to search the building. When Sam realised they caught on to him, security was half way to him. Fargas warned him but Sam was determined. He put a nasty virus on their computer to slow them down. When security came into the cafe he hid his computer and they looked right past him. When he was sure they were gone he got out of there.


Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master

- Christian Lous Lange