In Russia



  1. McBaked Potato 100 rub
  2. McBeef 75 rub
  3. McStronganoff 130 rub
  4. McBliny 75 rub


  1. Coffe 25rub
  2. Vodka 40 rub
  3. Water 20 rub

  1. Cabbage 40 rub
  2. Beetroot Borsch 35 rub
  3. Okroshka 38 rub


Store Hours:

Monday 5-10

Tuesday 4-9

Wednesday 6-11

Thursday 5-10

Friday 4-10

Saturday 5-10

Sunday 6-8

McDonalds is designed this way because it is Russian architecture.

The dress code is the same as the American McDonalds dress code. Being a hat, shirt, pants, and so other acceptable items depending on your manager.


The food, design, and dress code relate to the culture of Russia by relating the design of the rest of Russia. Russia in most parts is old, by making the design of the restaurant old and looking appealing to the minds of the residents. The food is relating to the culture by showing the food around going together and making an American food chain around the world into a specific groups culture. That shows globalization.