Staying In-the-Know

with Mrs. Drayton

Dutch Fork Elementary The Academy of Environmental Sciences, Title I


VIP Folders & Reminders

  • weekly work
  • progress reports (please sign & return)
  • District Honor Choir flyers
  • DFHS football game ticket
  • Good News Club
  • 5th Grade t-shirts coming home if ordered
  • Fall Festival Flyer
  • Parent Survey (see link below)

  • 9/20, Tonight, Grades 3-5 Curriculum Night @ 6-7:15
  • 9/26 Early Release
  • 9/28 & 9/29 Green Apple Day of Service (Mrs. Drayton's Homeroom will help on the nature trail 9:45-10:15)
  • 10/2 Fall Pictures
  • 10/5 Fall Festival

Parent Survey

Dear Parents and Guardians of Dutch Fork Elementary School,

We are partnering with BrightBytes, an educational research organization, in order to learn more about our students’ school and home technology use for learning.

We are reaching out to ask you to take part in a Technology & Learning questionnaire. Your participation is essential to help us form a more complete picture of technology use for learning in our students’ lives. Please know that all of your responses will remain anonymous to protect your privacy and they will help your child's school choose the right technology for their classrooms. It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

The last day to complete this questionnaire is October 5, 2018. Please complete the questionnaire using this link.

Green Apple Day of Service

Good Evening Fox Cub Families,

Join us for our 5th annual Green Apple Days of Service here at DFES on Friday, September 28th& Saturday, September 29th from 8:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m. The Green Apple Day of Service is a National, annual event that involves parents and the community in environmental and sustainability efforts taking place at our schools. You can learn more at

Please join us here at school for service projects to make our school grounds a healthier and safer place to be for our teachers and students. Plan to bring your own lunch and water bottle (we will provide a water cooler to refill as needed). On Friday, you can assist your child’s class for their very own service project. Saturday, we will continue with other projects on the nature trail and secret garden.

If you are able to help us on either one or both days, please RSVP to your child’s homeroom teacher. If you have any questions, you can contact Amy Umberger/Resident Scientist

We look forward to a great day of serving our school together.

Grandparents & Grandfriends Day

Analyzing Poems by Maya Angelou

In our homerooms, we began our inquiry into Reconstruction by reading the novel Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule by Hariette Robinet. This inquiry sparked many questions about what freedom truly means and the obstacles freedmen faced, so I was inspired to share two poems by Maya Angelou during Reading Workshop. As we read and analyzed the poems, I was amazed by the conversations your 5th grade grade readers readers had with each other about the poems, "One More Round" and "Caged Bird." Needless to say, many new insights were uncovered and more questions were posed. Please be sure to ask your child about what they learned from this process. Also, feel free to read the poems and share your thinking with your child.
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What My Name means Poetry

Our process

Our first published writing of the year is almost ready to be shared!

We have:

  • engaged in a poetry inquiry
  • read mentor texts, noticed and named characteristics of this style of poetry
  • brainstormed ideas and used a graphic organizer
  • drafted
  • reflected on our draft using "3 +s and a wish" strategy
  • revised
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Word Study

Looking within words

We began word study this year thinking about language and communicating with others. Our goal for the beginning of the year was:

I can use respectful and thoughtful language to communicate with others.

This inquiry into language will be essential as conversing and questioning in thoughtful and respectful ways is the foundation of our work and growth this year.

Now, we have transitioned to looking at words and meanings. We have realized that if we look closely some words have prefixes and suffixes to help us understand their meanings. For example, we thought about words that are used in everyday language:




The prefixes at the beginning of the word help us make meaning of these words and how they are different. We determine that bi- means two, tri- means three, and uni- means one. This sparked great conversation about language. From there, we went to our books! We had such a great time.

Hopefully, you have seen your child study affixes (prefixes/suffixes) at night. Your child received six affixes to study for a quiz on Friday. You can expect this to be a part of our routine. Every Monday, your child will receive a new set of six affixes, with a quiz to follow on Friday.

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Growing as Readers and Tracking our Thinking

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