Tomas luis de Victoria

The greatest composer during his time? By Andrew Donegan

The beginning of life...

Tomas Luis de Victoria was

Born in Sanchidrian, Spain, in 1548

Died on August 20, 1611

Also he was..

A very famous renaissance composer that was only rivaled by Giovanni da Palestrina and Orlando di Lasso. As a boy, He learned music at Avia cathedral as a choirboy. Later on, his patron Cardinal Otto von Truchess of Augsburg, helped him go to Rome. Why to Rome? So Tomas could learn music at Collegium Germanicum. At that time,1565, Tomas was 17 and already out on his own….

The Later Years

IN 1572, Tomas published his first motets, named "O vos omnes," and "Vere languores." These motets were printed many times during his lifetime. Only three years later he became a Priest. After this moment in his life he joined the Congregazione dei Preti dell'Oratorio which in english means Congregation of the Oratory. This group helped Tomas to look at the religious world without vows, and live a very unique life. Then in the many years to follow, in fact to 1585 Tomas produced many important collections of music in Rome.

Back to Spain...

After Retuning to his homeland, Tomas wrote even more masterpieces. When Maria, Who was possibly his wife, Died, Tomas took took to the road. HIs travels included his home town and many visits to churches to preform his work and write more. Tomas was a very religos man and would only write about religon. This caused many people to lose out on hearing his meraculious songs. At the age of Tomas died in Madrid,Spain on 1611. At the age of 68.


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Ave Maria by Tomas Luis de Victoria, sung by Cantico Singers