Command Economy

Lets let the Government control us!

The best kind of economy ever!

Forget about unalienable rights! Who cares about peoples opinion????? Lets all be bossed around and do the same things!

Benefits of the system

1. It does not allow monopolizing

2. it boosts industrial power

3. adjusts production rates and availability of completed goods

4. better mobilization of resources

5. prioritizes social welfare

How the system works

Cons of the system

1. Freedom? Freedom is dumb.

2. Who needs positive changes in the world?

3. Its not even like we're putting our lives into the hands of the Government.

4. Organizing command economy's is the easiest thing in the world! Just look at North Korea!

5. Forget about being your own person, its like we're all the same.

No stress

In a Command Economy, no one has to worry about being unequal. Everyone is treated the same and gets the same amount of pay. Even though it has some restrictions, it is the best kind if economy for people to live in.