Lingva Gazette

by English Language Students


Angry parents!

Valjevo - There are many angry parents of first graders in towns near Valjevo who need to do medical examination of their kids before they start school. All the mess has been made because of lack of organization in Valjevo medical center and outpatient clinics in nearby towns in connection with mandatory medical examinations of first graders. The main question is who is responsible for this mess, and the only answer we managed to get from medical workers was: "Please don't ask us, decisions are made by the city hall".
Among parents there are many who work in the town halls in nearby towns and we all hope this is the last year with problems in mandatory medical examination of first graders.



North Korea - Bad news from the Far East. North Korean leader, young Kim Jong-un is threatening with a nuclear attack on South Korea and its ally the USA. The main reason is, in his words, war games which are played by these allies in border waters, and increased sanctions to North Korea. Between the lines, he is trying to make a stronger political position after taking leadership from his grandpa. Nobody can be sure what will happen at the end of this sabre-rattling, but the whole world is hoping that they will find a peaceful solution. Luckily the USA have a secret weapon...



Kragujevac - Good news for Serbian economy. "Zastava Arms" factory made contracts for selling sporting and hunting weapons. Contracts are worth about 100 million dollars. To accomplish tasks from contracts they need to hire additional 500 people. It means less bother with money for nearly 500 families. We hope this won't be an isolated case of successful recovery of a Serbian company.