Educational Support Professionals

Fall Newsletter 2013

As the end of the first quarter comes (and goes), it is exciting to think what great things ESP's do on a daily basis. From driving school buses for 6,000 students to serving lunches and teaching; the Boise School District benefits from your hard work. I want to thank you and encourage you to become an active member of the Boise Education Association. Your voice and commitment allows us to keep our profession and our students’ needs in the conversation about public education.

Stephanie Myers, BEA President

Mary Gordon - Whitney Elementary

The Whitney Elementary Study Center is so much more than what it sounds like. Begun almost 16 years ago, the Study Center has become the much needed good start in the morning that students need. Open throughout the week, the study center provides homework help and assistance to all students with a very tempting reward at the end of the week. For every 30 minutes the students commit to the study center, they slowly earn a "Caught You Being Smart" coupon. It takes four trips to get one of these coveted coupons, but the effort is worth it. In a school where supplies for students can run to the very basics if any at all, they can use their coupons to "buy" fun and useful supplies from the Study Center Store on Friday mornings.

This wonderful and engaging program was thought up by Mary Gordon, Title I Paraprofessional. With 20+ years in the Boise School District, her experience and connection with the students at Whitney has become invaluable.

Not stopping at just managing the study center, Mrs. Gordon went a stop further and began requesting grants from the Boise Education Foundation. For 11 years now, the Foundation has been supplying funds to the Study Center in order to purchase supplies for the students and last year the Study Center was featured by the Foundation.

To view the Study Center's webpage and a great video with pictures of the kids, click here.

IEA Summer Organizing Institute Hit’s a Jackpot

“ I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.” ---Lily Tomlin

In early August I headed out to Jackpot, Nevada for a professional development institute offered by the Idaho Education Association (IEA). Playing for Keeps was the title and I was wondering what this conference would hold for me. I found a great opportunity to learn more about topics that included team building (hey, I could use this in all parts of my life), coalitions and community, problem solving, and member benefits (I like that idea and reality). I, as an ESP member, found that I was accepted as an equal to any certified teacher or IEA director there. One SE Idaho ESP was the facilitator for the communications workshop. What a great opportunity for her and all participants!

I carried back ideas to energize a local union like: new members survival kit, do a fund raiser for a scholarship or wear a union pin. When you are spotted wearing one you win a prize. I met IEA activists from Nampa, Meridian and SE Idaho. The accommodations and benefits were fabulous. I won a $50 gift card to Barnes and Noble!

Get ready for next summer to attend as plans are underway for a bigger and better institute. This opportunity is a step for BEA/ESPs to discover and come away with skills and tools to become a more active member in their local educations. Step out and reach for the stars as you are, “One of the Stars!” I want to see not just an ESP steering committee member, but an ESP who has not taken the opportunity of training and experiencing his or her talents of leadership and empowerment. The cost you say? My trip was paid for by IEA. Now is the time to mark your calendars.

~Deb Brown, BEA/ESP.

“We cannot become what we need to be remaining what we are.” ---Max Depree

Meet 'n Greet

In an effort to reach out to new classified employees to provide information about the BEA, the ESP Steering Committee put on a lovely Meet 'n Greet at the ProTech building in September. Food, drinks and friends came together with new, and some not so new, classified employees to talk about all of the great benefits of being a BEA member.

We got several new members that day so it can only be termed a success. We'll be hosting another Meet 'n Greet in the Spring, so keep your eyes open for any classified employees wandering around your school and invite them for some free food and fun raffles next spring!

ESP Retreat 2013

We had a great retreat this year preparing for some new events. One of the Steering Committee's biggest focuses this year, is a series of Meet 'n Greets. We are holding two large 'open' events, one we held at the beginning of the school year and another in the Spring that everyone is invited to. We are also going to schools for smaller one-on-one meetings with staff for questions they have about joining the BEA. If you are interested in hosting one of these events, let your BEA Building Rep know or contact one of us directly.

We also planned for and are excited about ESP Day this year, so keep a look out for your special treat on November 20th and thank you for all of your hard work!

We've planned out an exciting year, with new updates, like our Facebook page and electronic newsletter. A print copy will also be made available. We hope that everyone has a wonderful year.

-ESP Steering Committee


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Boise Schools Implements Differential Pay Plan that Includes Classified

The Idaho Legislature passed new legislation last spring implementing Differential Pay for the 2013-14 school year. A joint District and BEA committee developed the plan in which all employees can participate.

Information concerning the plan and requirements in detail should be available at each school.

Classified staff will be required to engage in 5 hours of professional development related to their goal. All individual goals must relate to one of the five goals provided by the District plan. If requirements are met, classified employees will receive a .5 share and part time classified employees will receive a .25 share.

Growth plans are due to employee's building principal or direct supervisor by Nov. 15th. and the plan summary by May 15th.

Employee's who qualify for Differential Pay will receive payment in their June, 2014 paycheck.

(Information provided by Employee Information Differential Pay Document 2013)

New ESP Logo and Shirt

If you're interested in an ESP T-Shirt, please click here fill out the order form and mail your check to the IEA/BEA building through school mail.

ESP Steering Committee Meeting

Thursday, Dec. 5th 2013 at 5pm

620 N 6th St

Boise, ID

Upcoming Dates

ESP Steering Committee Meetings:
Dec. 5, 2013
Jan. 9, 2014

Rep. Council Meetings:

Nov. 18, 2013
Dec. 16, 2013
Jan. 27, 2014

School Board Meetings:

Dec. 9, 2013
Jan. 13, 2014

ESP Day is November 20th!

BEA Educational Support Professionals Steering Committee

-BEA President, Stephanie Myers
-BEA Executive Director, Kathy Yamamoto

-Chair, Rachelle Bernard, DSC
-Debra Brown, Horizon
-Mary Gordon, Whitney
-Gena Harris, Hawthorne
-Bev Harrigfeld, Horizon
-Jeanine Rishel, South
-Allison Gordon, Ft. Boise
-Nick Stienmetz, F & O
-Kathy Pierce, Hillside

Newsletter Editor:

-Allison Gordon