World Religions

Marco Guareschi


  • Developed out of Judaism in the 1st century
  • It was started by Jesus Christ
  • They were monotheistic the believed in one god.
  • There was only one God that watches over and takes care od his people
  • They believed that god was
  • It has been about 2000 years
  • In the chapter of Genesis in the Bible which explains how earth and people were created
  • Christianity has about two billion followers
  • Holy book is the Bible
  • Holy people. Include priests, ministers, monks, and nuns
  • The church
  • Christianity was spread by missionaries and disciples


  • Formed from ancient texts of the Aryan people
  • Started by Brahma the God of religion
  • Polytheistic
  • The soul never dies but is continually reborn
  • Started in India
  • 4000 years
  • While Buddha was in the woods he was sworn at because of how peaceful he looked and Buddha told him the power of words
  • About 820 million followers worldwide
  • Spread by merchants
  • They had sacred texts instead of holy books
  • Guru, Holt Man, Brahmin priest
  • They would pray and worship inside of temples


  • Was started in India by Buddha to fix the suffering in the world by reaching nirvana
  • Created by Buddha
  • Neither they didn't worship a God (Buddha)
  • People achieve complete peace and happiness by eliminating their attachment to worldly things
  • Started somewhere in India
  • 2500 years ago
  • A blind man and a elephant taught about how everyone's equal
  • About 362 million
  • Government sent out missionaries
  • Sacred texts (Dhammapada)
  • Buddhist Monks and Nuns
  • Worshiped in temples