To Chew or Not to Chew

By: Caroline


Kids love chewing gum but teachers don't. Teachers think that it will distract kids from learning. They are wrong! Studies have shown that students who chew gum at school have a better chance of getting a higher grade than kids who don't chew gum. This has been tested and proven according to the "To Chew, or Not to Chew" article. This article says that the kids that chew sugar-free gum during school have the better chance of earning the outcome of a better final grade. Others may say that this distracts kids, but if you chew sugar-free gum compared to sugar gum, than this is proven wrong. They may also say that gum can cause tooth damage, rotting gums, and enamel decay. Chewing sugar-free gum can actually lessen the percentage of cavity chance. This experiment has been tested from the sugar-free company gum, Trident. The article states, that "However, many gums contains xylitol, which makes them sugar-free." Chewing "Trident" gum, or sugar free gum reduces the risk of getting cavities by 70%. So it ends in sugar-free gum improving cavity protection, and students' attention spam.