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Kayla Kennedy

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Kayla is 14 years old. She has beautiful, bright, blue eyes. She loves to smile too! She lives in Calmar, Iowa with her mom Chrissy and her moms boyfriend Tyke. She loves to go swimming and getting tan. She likes to go shopping. Kayla doesn't care what people think of her. She's herself no matter who she's with and where she's at. Her favorite color is green. Her dad Ron passed away on January 2nd of 2013. It was really hard on her and her family but they got through it. She's very photo energetic and loves taking pictures of herself. She likes to dye her hair a lot. It's been 8 colors throughout her life. The colors are green, black, purple, pink, red, blonde, orange, and brown. She's never been to a hair salon to get her hair done. She does it all by herself. She likes piercings too. She has her nose, belly button, and ears pierced. She has 7 holes in one ear. So all piercings put together she has 10 piercings. Well that's pretty much all about Kayla.