Jonathan and Drew Scott

By Chloe Mason

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Personal Background

Jonathan and Drew Scott

  • Born April 28, 1978
  • From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Have an older brother, J.D. Scott
  • Both had small roles in tv shows at a young age
  • Drew is 6'4", Jonathan is 6'4 3/4"

FACS Career

Jonathan Scott

  • Interior design and renovation
  • Film production
  • Entrepreneur

Drew Scott

  • Real estate investment, helps people buy and sell their homes
  • Business man and entrepreneur
  • Film production

Training Received

Jonathan and Drew Scott

  • Have history in acting and performance arts
  • Began performing improv at 7 years old
  • First house project was when they bought a house at (18 years old) for $200,000 across from their university to live in, and they sold it for $50,000 profit
  • Their father was an actor and an assistant director in the film industry
  • They began investing in real estate to fund their film projects

Personal Traits

  • Easy-going and have a sense of humor
  • resourceful
  • hard-working
  • can compromise with their clients
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Secrets to Their Success

  • Their father was in the film industry
  • They started with acting at a young age, which led to them going into film production
  • First home-selling project was at around 18 years old
  • Invested their money in the right places
  • Founded their own film production company - Scott Brothers Entertainment