A Lively Lytic Luncheon

An Infectiously fun time with Parvoviridae!

The Parvoviridae virus family welcomes you! Event Sponsored by Kate Shaffer.

Please note that you are only invited to this luncheon because you are a virus of the Parvoviridae family, and have the following characteristics:

- you are single stranded DNA

- you have icosahedral symmetry

- you are non enveloped

- you replicate through the rolling hairpin mechanism

- you are round and 18-26 nm in diameter

A Lively Lytic Luncheon

Friday, Dec. 11th, 8pm

Gary's Gastrointestinal Tract

Come join the Parvoviridae family in celebrating a completed translation to produce their first viral proteins!! Our generous host cell (who will be chosen from one of the many cells in Gary's weak Gastrointestinal Tract) will provide the Parvoviridae family with all of the enzymatic resources necessary for synthesizing all of our precious new viruses. Thankfully, Gary chose not to wash his hands after cleaning up dog poop, which allowed us to host this event in his cells! We will be sure to thank him for his generous hosting by providing him with diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting, a fever, and severe weight loss.

DISCLAIMER: a health message to all of Gary's cells: the privilege of hosting this event can be fatal when post party gifts (symptoms) are severe/ extreme.


Thank you for choosing to join us! The main event of today's luncheon will be the Encapsulation ceremony of our brand new viral genomes. Prior to you arrival we will have worked very hard to invade a host cell, enter through endocytosis, convert into double stranded DNA in the nucleus, translate ourselves to mRNA with the host cell's assistance, and begin preparing our viral genomes. The Encapsulation ceremony will be held just prior to the lysing of our generous host cell. After the encapsulation ceremony is over and each viral genome has an isometric capsid, the host cell will lyse, the party will be over, and you will be free to resume invasion of surrounding host cells.