Kindergarten News

May 2014 • Clarksville Elementary

Upcoming Dates

May 7th- Class pictures

May 11th- Mother's Day

May 16th- No school for students

May 22nd- Field trip to the Zoo

May 26th- Memorial Day

May 30th- Field Day

What's Happening in Kindergarten!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that the kindergarten school year is almost over! As the year winds down, kindergarten classrooms will continue reading group rotations through June. Please make sure that you are still having your child read to you every night and that they are discussing the text with you. Important concepts to converse with your child about include: summarizing the story, sequencing the events, describing the setting and characters and also inferring character feelings.

Students will be doing a social studies unit on the community and American symbols. We will also be learning about zoo animals in science as we prepare for our field trip to the Baltimore Zoo on May 22nd.

In math, students will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes, word problems, and continue to practice addition and subtraction as well as decomposing numbers.

Upcoming Composting Unit

During the week of June 2nd, all kindergarten classrooms will be participating in a composting unit. This is a very in-depth unit where students will be learning about recycling, decomposition, composting, soil, and plant life. Please send students in with either a two-liter bottle and lid or a plastic barrel and lid (the type that pretzels and other snacks come in). These containers will be used for the students’ terrariums. The students will be observing the process of composting and how worms aid in this process!

Volunteering: We need you!

Please remember to sign up to volunteer in the classroom! We even have available spots to volunteer in Mrs. Trudden's Technology class. As the year goes on we have less and less volunteers, we really need you!

Also, remember to come in during your child's lunch (11:30-12) and recess (11- 11:30) time!

The Kindergarten Team

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