Ms. Davidson's 3rd Grade Classroom

2015-2016 Year Highlights

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This year in Math class we had fun.

I am sad our year has come to an end. I got to know and love each of you and along the way we made some good memories that I think we will never forget!
  • We learned about money
  • We learned place Value
  • We learned our times!!!
  • We learned to round to the nearest ten and hundred
  • We learned how to subtract three digit numbers
  • We learned fractions
  • We learned how to solve word problems
  • We learned to to solve problems with strip diagrams, EQUAL groups and arrays
  • We learned about the differences in polygons, quadrilaterals and other shapes
  • We learned about parallel, perpendicular and intersecting

Field Trips

Good Times!

Galilea and Joan the scarecrow

We learned about The Wizard of Oz and how Dorthy just wanted to go home, sweet home.

I hope nobody gets embarrassed :)

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