Non-Verbal Communication!

MYP Art Orientation: Solution Finding

It's all in the DOT!

This is the perfect ice-breaker for the beginning of the school year! This activity can be modified throughout the school year and can serve as a clear indicator for the development of social skills and creative thinking ability.

Forms of Communication

This exercise has been used for a long time, but what makes it extra-special is the applications that it can have in the art area. One dot is placed on each student's forehead with some consideration being given to the size and number of groups you wish to create. For a strict color groupings (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet) the personality types of the students can considered when placing each color. Students are instructed that:

There can be no verbal communication only non-verbal communication

Review some appropriate signals and hand motions (come here, go there, grouping, etc)

When the group is completed with all group members, they are asked to sit silently together in their color group


Modeling Caring and Kindness


Non-verbal Communication

The beauty of aligning this exercise with color theory is that mid-year this activity can be done but telling the students that they must find another way to group:

Primary colors using only three colors of dots

Secondary colors using only the secondary color of dots

Color-mixing: (ie. Red + Blue= Violet) which requires printing + and = signs onto stick notes

Students can even think of grouping by warm or cool colors and this is dictated through the use of non-verbal communication and deciding mental strategies to find new groups.

At the end of the school year the students can have one more round of fun as an end-of-year activity!