North Carolina Founded in 1653

Dawson Goss

How did North Carolina get founded? Why?

North Carolina was founded in 1653, by a bunch of Virginia colonist. People that founded Virginia intended to find Roanoke Island, but they got blown of course by a big storm. A character was issued by King Charles the 2nd in 1663 granting eight of his favorites vast territory in the southern part of Virginia. The new country was named Carolina by Ribault the Huguenot

Social Setup

The slaves are at the bottom, then not far from them are the indentured servants whom worked for at least seven years. They were then granted freedom and land if it was in the contract. After the indentured servants came merchants (traders), small farmers, and shopkeepers. At the top was the ruling class composed in New England of the Clergy Magistrates, college professors, and other professional men.

Major Industries

The main industry was agriculture, but there's very few industries that people enjoyed. If you planned on doing a lot of farming then North Carolina was the place to be. Rice, indigo, tobacco, and many other cash crops were very well grown there.
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Interesting Facts about Colonial North Carolina

  1. Many people believe North Carolina was the first state to declare their independence against England
  2. The University of North Carolina which opened in 1795 is currently the oldest state university in America.
  3. There was a diversity of religion because there was no dominating religion.