How Can We Improve Technology?

Some ways we can improve technology and make it better.


Technology can be improved in endless ways. There are over millions of possible ideas, suggestions, and solutions to create, improve, and add to all our Hi-tech gadgets. Technology is in the hands of many people and is very successful, especially when looking at some incredibly successful companies. Some ways that we can improve technology are:

Check Products Before Releasing Them Into The Public

Many phones and other electronics have exploded because companies have not properly checked the electronics before releasing them. A way we can help stop this is that we can protest that companies have this checked before they release their products. We could even make it a law if it went too far! An example of a phone that exploded is the Samsung S7. There was a problem with their batteries which caused the phone to burst into flames!

Be Careful While Handling Devices

The most obvious thing you can do to be careful while handling a device is at least put a case on it because you never know when it might fall. If you are working on a computer or laptop, you shouldn't put the laptop on your lap. I know it sounds ironic, but the UV rays (Ultraviolet Rays) can have bad side effects on your body. For example, it can cause internal cancer, like colon cancer. If you are carrying a phone, you should look ahead while you are walking. Otherwise, you would fall. We could also make some ways to prevent this from happening.

How We Can Prevent Crashes From Happening

Companies who make electronics, such as Apple, can invent useful devices that are affordable and up to date. I know this is very unlikely to be true, but there could even be a watch that can tell you where obstacles are on a path if you are concentrating on your phone or handheld electronic device. Actually, Apple’s latest device is the iWatch Series 2. It can detect your heartbeat, keep track of important events, attend calls, and even record your footsteps. People should invent devices that alert you when there is something close to you that you might trip over or fall on.


So, during this presentation we have learned a little bit about how we can be careful with technology and/or how we can improve it. I hope you liked it, and enjoy!