VCR Presentation #5

Katherine Darden

Fill in the blank.

The psychological ideas of personality are ______________ theories since they cannot be precisely tested with science, just picked up through observation.


adj. unable to be assessed or measured precisely
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- imperceptible

- ephemeral

- gradual

- slight


- ponderable

- significant

- substantial

Related Forms

imponderable (n.)

- Happiness is considered an imponderable because it can never be measured with a unit of measurement.

imponderably (adv.)

imponderability (n.)

imponderableness (n.)

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Latin root: pondero, ponderare, ponderavi, ponderatum "to weigh"

Medieval Latin word: imponderabilis

1794: in (meaning "not") + ponderable (meaning "able to be thought about intensely")

Find the letter of the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

a. Four year old Carrie found it difficult to see how much milk was in her imponderable cup with a ruler.

b. The selflessness in her personality was entirely imponderable -- there was none to be found.

c. The total number of stars in the sky can't really be known because they are so imponderable.

d. I can hardly comprehend the world population and its imponderability with a new person being born while another dies less than every second.

Correct Answer: A

The structure of the sentence doesn't make sense. Imponderable is describing the cup, not the measurement with a ruler.