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Maryland is part of the Southern Colony. The founder of this colony was George Cavort and Lord Baltimore and they came from Baltimore to Maryland in 1633. Many people do mixed farming in Maryland and are great farmers. They mostly grow tobacco ,corn ,grain , cotton ,rice ,indigo and vegetables.

Maryland is a nice place to live

Maryland is a short amount of land, but it is a nice place to live in. It has oceans, lakes ,forests ,rivers ,swamps ,mountains ,hills and more! People make money by trading ,ship making ,farming ,iron making ,woodcutting and fishing. Maryland also had two forts number one = Ft. Mount Pleasant ,number two = Hager's Fort.

Maryland is a place of worship

The Southern Colonies had 1,119 houses of worship in total. Most of them were Anglican and Baptists. There was at least five kinds of worship houses and they were Anglican ,Baptist ,Presbyterian ,Quaker and Other worship houses.