Trinity Lutheran Church & Academy

October 10 - 16, 2021

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Family Promise f/n/a Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens is a non-profit organization that provides shelter, food and emergency services to families with children facing the crisis of homelessness. The Family Promise program has continued to serve the Athens community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Trinity Lutheran is a supporting congregation for this program. Jo-Ann Thorne is hosting a Family Promise Support Sunday on October 10th. She will be collecting these items for Family Promise from now until October 10th. See the list below on items that are needed most. Please bring in these items and put them in the Gathering Room. On October 10th there will be a collection basket in the Gathering Room if you would like to donate money to Family Promise. If you have any questions, please contact Jo-Ann Thorne 706-202-2740. You can also visit their website at the link below to find out more about this organization.


Below is the list of items that Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens is asking Trinity members to donate (you can take this list with you when you shop):

o All Purpose Cleaner

o Sponges

o Kitchen Cloths

o Dish Detergent

o Broom/dust pan

o Trash Bags (Tall kitchen)

o Laundry Detergent

o Laundry Basket

o Toilet paper

o Paper Towels

o Tissue

o Shower Curtain

o Shower Rings

o Paper plates, cups, bowls, & plastic cutlery

o Twin sheet sets

o Pillows

o Bath towels

o Hand towels

o Wash cloths

o Kroger Gift Card

I understand that these items can get expensive and could take a little shopping around either on the Internet or locally. You can buy individual sheets, you do not have to buy a whole set. The same with the towels. Why not pair up with a friend to stretch your dollars?

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Thanks to everyone who donated to the LWML Mite Box last Sunday.

Here are 2 more grants that will be helped.

1. Redeeming Life Maternity Home, Illinois Expansion

2. Mercy Medical Care for Tanzania - Mwadui Lutheran School and Community.

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Be sure to wear your name tags. There have been some new visitors in church lately. Be sure to greet them.

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3 - Robert Shuman

5 - Evie Brassie

5 - Don Helsel

7 - Jeanie Raney

8 - Elani Guven

11 - Autumn Triplett

19 - Dinah Guven

16 - Chuck Kubiak

22 - Margrit Hendricks

28 - Kim Darwin

31 - Janet Rodekohr

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This section is for prayer requests and prayers of Thanksgiving. If you have a request or a praise report please contact the church office at or call 706-546-1280 ext. 1.

The Family of Rev. David Bernthal, who passed away this week

Saundra Hammons, healing

Michael Hammons, healing

Amy Dawn Husfeld-Usalavage, Glenn and Jane Husfeld's daughter, healing from the return of Stage 4 cancer. Also pray for her children, Peyton, Hank, and Abby, for God's loving hand on them through this time

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