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September 2017 - Issue 8

Welcome to another newsletter with resources to support learning and teaching in the Faculty of Arts and Education, with a focus on online learning.
This issue includes:
  • Professional learning
  • Assessment practices
  • Random items of interest - including the NMC Horizon Report for Higher Ed
  • Getting ready for the 201790 session!


Did you miss the August newsletter?
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'BITE & BYTE' PD is back - Join in!

The September-October series of 'Bite & Byte' is on Tuesday's 12:30-1:00pm. Yes, 30 minutes, quick bites (of your lunch) and fresh bytes (of educational technology practices) to keep you inspired, moving forward and engaged in online learning at CSU. Meet online in the FoAE Adobe Connect room.

Session #1: Flippin' Fresh - Supporting Student Engagement

On September 12 Julie Lindsay and Ged Bourke shared some new features of FlipGrid to support online student engagement. Here are the resources:

Session #2: The Voice! Interaction online

On September 19 Lisa Watt and Julie shared new approaches to teacher-student and student-student interaction using the tool ‘Voicethread’. Here are the resources:

Do you want to trial Voicethread with your subject? Let Julie know, and link in to a trial CSU academic licence.

New 'Bite & Byte' sessions coming up.....

GENERAL Professional Learning

Don't forget!
The Professional Learning Calendar is where ALL general staff PD opportunities are listed. Selecting an event allows you to quickly add details to your calendar - simples!

RESEARCH Professional Learning

Look! Lot's if interesting sessions coming up on the Research professional learning calendar. Topics include EndNote, Writing more clearly, NVivo, and more.

Coffee Courses at ANU

These Coffee courses are 5-day short courses (one small post per day) about different focus areas in learning and teaching. Subscribe to get alerts to the latest courses, or browse through past courses according to your own interests and pace. There are ones on academic integrity and Turnitin, engaging students online, flipping the classroom, enhancing lectures, creating teacher presence videos, ePortfolios, MOOCs, Open Educational Practice, Universal Design for Learning, using video in teaching and virtual reality.

Talking about ASSESSMENT


Higher Education Podcasts - Take a look!

This looks like fun - podcasts created by academics to support teaching, learning and research.
What about Beyond the Lecturn series from the University of Melbourne, especially the one on assessment design with Elizabeth Molloy - something that's going to start to be even more critical as we move towards flexible assessments.

NMC Horizon Report Higher Ed 2017

Have you seen and read the 2017 Horizon Report for Higher Ed? It shares pertinent ideas to do with trends, challenges and developments in technology. Some quick grabs show trends and developments, and then the video shares further information. Regardless of whether you think these forecasts are valid or reliable, the report shares resources to support further conversations around subject and course design.
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Building collaborative communities

Post-grad students share ideas and strategies to do with online collaborative communities. Are you building rapport in digital communities? "As digital classrooms grow in increasing popularity, the demand for a strong and successful community for student to student and student to teacher relationships within these spaces has never been more prevalent"
Explore further:

A 3D online meeting experience - iSEE

The QLT (Online) Leads have been playing with iSee, an (incredibly easy to use) technology that can bring students together in virtual spaces across multiple locations. It's similar to Second Life, but MUCH easier to use, without the flying and islands. This article in the ASCILITE blog covers how it's being used in Engineering education at Wollongong to bring mixed teams together with industry representatives and other subject-matter experts for virtual pitches, design team meetings and a careers expo.

Let Julie know if you are interested in exploring this further.
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Getting ready for 201790 - What's on your list?

Subject Preparation is important and DLT have good resources to support academics on the CSU website. The URL to remember is: http://tinyurl.com/CSUPrep - and this will not change from one session to the next - it will always take you to the subject preparation page.
Downloadable PDFs include:

Julie Lindsay - QLT Online Leader, Faculty of Arts and Education

Let me know how I can support learning online across the faculty - online and on-campus subjects.