Gunnar Smith

Name of career


Where you plan to go to school

I plan to go to Texas A&M University-College Station and get a BS in Political Science and minor in Anthropology and then go to South Texas College of Law in Houston and get a JD in Constitutional Law.

How long will it take to get the degree

It will take me about 7 years

Is a higher degree required

No a higher degree is not required, but a JD is recommended.

Where do you plan/want to live and work when you graduate

I want to live in either College Station, Fort Worth or Washington DC

Describe your career

A politician makes important decisions that shape the way everyone lives.

What made you decide to pursue this career

Well my great grandfather Arthur William Smith was business partners with former president George H W Bush so that sparked some interest there, but the main reason is that there is so much violence and despair around the US and the world and I hope that I can be the one to fix it all.