Healthy Realtionship

How to keep a healthy relationship?

Ways to keep a healthy reletionship

Respect your partner's privacy!

If there is something that your partner does not wan't to tell you and it's their privacy, respect and don't make a big deal out of it.

Trust your partner

Trust your partner because if you don't, your love won't last long. You guys won't be happy if you guys don't trust each other.

Be Honest

Be honest to your partner! Some of you may think that if you lie, your partner won't be hurt but then you'll have to build on to that lie. When your partner finds out, they will be even more hurt.

Fight/Argue nicely

When you and your partner doesn't agree on something, try to explain why you think this is correct and this isn't. When your partner shares what they think, respect it and don't interrupt. Also, don't use mean words and criticize them in a bad way.

Care for each other

When you see that your partner is not in a good mood, try to ask them what happened and help them out. Don't just make them feel worse by saying mean things and being careless. Share your thoughts and try to help them solve their situation or at least help them feel better!

Suprise your partner with nice things.

Try to make your partner feel special by suppressing them with nice things. Give them gifts and take them out to dinner. That would make them feel very special and unique. Maybe they are in a bad mood and you give them a surprise, they would feel a lot better.

Don't pressure your partner to do things they don't want to do.

Don't force your partner to do things they don't want to. For example, you are smoking and your partner doesn't want to smoke. Don't force your partner to smoke because that will discomfort your partner and put your partner into a very hard decision making situation.

Understand each other.

Try to know more about your partner. Understand them. When they're having a bad day, don't be so excited because that will make your partner feel like you don't care about them and maybe you will lose their trust.

Enjoy your relationship!

Don't be stressed out about your relationship. If you do, your relationship won't last long. Be comfortable around your partner. Make your partner feel comfortable when they are around you too. Make them feel like they are being welcomed.