Jimi Hendrix

Rohil Verma

Jimi's Influence on Rock and Roll

Jimi Hendrix revolutionized the playing of the electric guitar with powerful riffs and matching lyrics. Many modern day guitarists have been heavily influenced by him.

Why was he so appealing?

Jimi Hendrix appealed to a majority of people because he was the first of his kind: An African-American rockstar. This inspired many, many people. Another factor that might contribute to his popularity could be the fact that he was a left handed guitar player.

Roots of Rock and Roll

There is great controversy of where rock and roll started, but some people would say that it started in Tennessee with Elvis Presley. However, the more popular belief is that it started somewhere in the United States int he 40's and 50's

Hendrix Today

Today, the main thing that makes Jimi Hendrix so popular is the rebirth of people listening to classic rock. People are starting to realize that cultured music is a thing of the past so they are going back to older music such as Jimi Hendrix.

Top Songs

- All Along the Watchtower

- Purple haze

- Little Wing

- Hey Joe

- Foxey Lady

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Important Events

1942 - Jimi Hendrix is born in Seattle

1967 - First album released ("Are You Experienced")

1968 - Arguably the biggest album released ("Electric Ladyland")

1970 - Jimi gets a new music producer that sends him to the top of the music charts

1970 - Jimi dies after overdosing on barbiturates