What's Going on in Grade 3?

Second Chance Bangkok

Persuasive Speeches

Over the last month the students in our classroom have been busy writing persuasive speeches to our ES Service Learning Fund. They were inspired to write and perform their speeches for a chance to be granted 30,000 baht to donate to Second Chance Bangkok. They did an amazing job. Wednesday 2 high school representatives visited our classroom to listen to our speeches. In the end, due to the hard work and effort of our talented writers, Grade 3 was awarded with the 30,000 baht!
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Open for Business

Our first marketplace was a huge success. Students arrived at school Thursday morning bursting with excitement and it lasted all day long;) After 4th graders left, students reflected, counted their profit and make adjustments for next week's marketplace.

We look forward to hosting parents and teachers next Wednesday May 27th 8a.m-9a.m.

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