What's Happening At SPES?


Since our Synergy Assembly the school has been a-buzz with "Leader in Me" language and our students are stepping up to apply for the school-wide jobs that have been advertised - Morning Prayer and Announcement Leaders and Flag Leaders. Students have also been approaching faculty and staff members with ideas of other areas where they feel student leadership can be shown. Formal lessons have begun in our classes and you will notice that your child (ren) asserting themselves more as they take more "ownership" of their education.

In anticipation of "The Leader In Me" being taken home and integrated into your family lives, we will offer this special "Leader in Me - What's Happening at SPES?" page in each of your weekly bulletins. We will include news and stories about how "The Leader In Me" process is being woven into the fiber of our daily lives as well as resources of which you can avail yourselves to learn more about "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" and how you can bring it into your families. We will also include pictures of our SPES "The Leader in Me" experiences like those found on the following page from Kick-Off Synergy Assembly.

Want to Learn More About "The Leader In Me?"

For photos, LIM videos, instructional videos and more from SPES, visit the SPES website at: http://www.stpiuselementary.org/about-us/tlim-videos.cfm . To access password-protected videos remember "spesleaders" is the password for St. Pius families ONLY.

Want to start learning about "The Leader in Me?" You may want to begin with Stephen Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" which is the basis of "The Leader in Me." From there you can move to the book about how "The Leader in Me" came into being and how it is lived in many schools across the country. Finally, the book "Seven Habits For Highly Effective Families" gives a wealth of information for those wishing to live the process at home as well as at school. Click on "The Leader In Me" family link too, for great tips and information: