How can we save the first nations?


Who can save the First Nation from Hunger?

Do you know anyone who can save the first nations? Well lots of people can help like Cora Morgan,Winnipeg Harvest,Theresa Spence,Grand Elder Raymond Robinson,and a lot more people helping them.

Cora Morgan helping them!

Cora Morgan plans to go without food until Thursday. She will give all the food to the first nation that she never ate. That way Cora Morgan will make the first nation reserve's in Manitoba. Will she reach her goal?
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Winnipeg Harvest,to the rescue!

The Winnipeg Harvest feeds the first nation 63 thousand individuals each month. That is 42% of the First Nations a month! They are trying there best to help all the other First Nation.I hope they do all their best.

Raymond the helping guy!

Hunger strikes back again, when Raymond will try his best so the first nation will not make them starve that often these days.He will gather around the first nation and making food around the fire making them not hungry that whole day! I hope he would do that after 5 days then the First Nation will barley feel hungry!
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The Grand Elder,Theresa Spence!

Theresa Spence is sharing food with the first nation reserves and so she is doing that she will help the first nation reserves.She would also like to help them from hunger so they would not starve anymore.I also hope that she would help them really well.That is what I hope will happen to Theresa Spence.
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