KAMS Winter Newsletter

January 2020

Katherine L. Albiani Middle School

9140 Bradshaw Road

Elk Grove, CA 95624

Phone No. 916-686-5210

Fax: 916-686-5538

Brie Bajar, Principal

Kristen Couchot, Vice Principal

Jessica Ghalambor, Vice Principal

Chris Woods, Teacher-In-Charge

Vickie Stuart, Secretary

Principal's Message

Happy New Year, Falcon Families!

It’s hard to believe we have arrived in 2020! Although May 29th seems far away, the end of the school year is right around the corner! I say it every year (and the staff gets a little tired of hearing it from me, but this part of the year will FLY BY.)

As a nationally recognized School to Watch, Katherine L. Albiani Middle School continues to hone our existing programs while looking for innovative ways to keep students and parents engaged in the educational process. As you read through this newsletter, you will see example after example of the many successes we have experienced this school year. This success is directly related to our work with you and your students. You have been extremely supportive and understanding in the work we do, each day, at KAMS. Your willingness to work with us in providing the best possible learning environment for your students has been extraordinary. Together, we are creating an exemplary place for each and every student to be learning in every classroom, in every subject, every day! Applause to families for all you do to ensure that your students’ learning needs are being met. There are times, however, when things slip by us. When that happens, please do not hesitate to call or email so we can resolve your concerns, as it truly helps us to be our best!


Back by popular demand, another opportunity for parents to experience life as a middle schooler, our “Bring Your Parent/Guardian to School Day” is coming up, so mark your calendar for Thursday, February 6th. Be on the lookout for details on how to register for this opportunity. Due to our enrollment and the high demand from parents to attend this day, we must insist on pre-registration. If you missed out on this day in October, I strongly suggest you register at your first opportunity!

SBAC Testing

Beginning in late April, all of our students will take computer-based assessments in math & English. These tests are known as the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). Students in 8th grade will be taking the California Science Test (CAST), which will be administered in the same fashion. We will send out a testing schedule as the dates approach, but please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Highlights from the First Semester

We had the opportunity to cheer on our PGHS Eagles next door while the Homecoming Parade made it’s way through our campus, with our namesake, Kay Albiani, as the Grand Marshall of the event. Many of our KAMS students participated in the parade as well!

Our annual Veterans Day Assembly on November 8th was extremely emotional. We held two assemblies with many veterans in attendance at each presentation, a lot of proud family members. We even had a drum solo from a World War II Veteran (click here to watch the assembly) – there were very few dry eyes in our gym that day!(Click https://youtu.be/qwG5q4X6LXE to watch the assembly)

Thank you to all of the parents, guardians, grandparents, and community members who joined us. We collected over 5,000 items for Blue Star Moms, which were then used to complete 2,000 care packages to send to Active Duty service men & women. We look forward to honoring you again next year.

We had a busy semester with academic & athletic competitions, at which our Falcons did not disappoint. Our Theatre Department performed in two productions - Thoroughly Modern Millie, Jr. and Elf, Jr. We also held a very successful Night of the Arts during which students in dance, theatre, and art courses showcased their work. Our growing band held two wonderful concerts during the first semester as well.

We continue to remind students of our 3 B’s Behavior Expectations (Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible) through regular classroom reinforcement and Advocacy lessons. We also started off 2019 with a refresh of our PBIS Behavior expectations. Students are receiving positive recognition for behavior in and out of classrooms with Falcon Feathers (ask your student!) and are then entered into a drawing that takes place weekly on the Today Show with Jimmy Falcon. And if you haven’t had a chance to subscribe to the KAMS YouTube channel yet, click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA9EqANVqJ7Pa9ZnfQJPI7g/videos

In addition, our Family Lunch on the Quad (formerly known as Parent Lunch Visitation Days) are quite popular! We have four remaining lunch time visitation weeks this school year. Mark your calendar for:

  • March 16-20
  • April 13-17

Feel free to join us for lunch anytime during these designated weeks. The only thing we ask is that you avoid visiting on rainy days, as our cafeteria is already to capacity with our large student enrollment. Thank you!


As you read through this newsletter, you will get a good sense of what has been accomplished during the first semester and where we are headed. There are some critical pieces of information that you will want to be sure to review:

  • Open House is scheduled for May 20, 2020 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Your student will be in charge! They just might lead you through a “student led conference.” You won’t want to miss this one!

  • Course Requests for 2020-21: PGHS counselors will be visiting our 8th grade students to answer questions about enrolling in high school classes. Our own counselors will lead our current 7th grade students through the process of signing up for 8th grade classes

  • Synergy and accessing student grades and assignments…most parents LOVE IT! But some have had their frustrations. If you need assistance, please visit egusd.net/studentsfamilies/synergy

  • Retention is possible for students in both the 7th and 8th grade. Counselors will be sending out letters to parents/guardians of all students who are in danger of possible retention.

  • 8th grade Promotion Ceremonies are on May 29, 2020, at Pleasant Grove High School. Due to the size of our 8th grade class we continue to have two ceremonies. They are scheduled for 1:15 PM and 2:45 PM. You will receive more information (including which ceremony your child will be assigned) by letter in March.

Best Regards,

Brie Bajar, Principal

Student Activities /PBIS

PBIS Winter Refresh will be Tuesday January 7th. The theme this year is “New Year, Better Me – Game on!” All students will participate in game themed or community service activities reinforcing positive behavior expectations. Here are the focuses for each department throughout the day:

Math – Are you smarter than Dr. Squawk? – organization skills

Science – “Jimmy Says” – team building and STEM activities

Social Science – Kahoots – reinforcing emergency drills and behavior on campus

English – Gift of Love Valenkinds cards for Shriner’s hospital and Smile Train - #KindnessRevolution

Electives – Jeopardy – reinforcing student knowledge of KAMS expectations

PE – Survivor – Plays of the Day Rally and team building activities

We hope you take time to ask your students what they did on their first day back from winter break.

Mark your calendar, Kevin Bracy will be here for a student assembly on Thursday January 23rd to check in with kids about their 2020 vision and goals.

PBIS is designed to help create an environment to prevent the development and occurrence of problem behaviors, and more importantly, to teach and encourage positive social skills and behaviors to students. The staff at Katherine Albiani understands the need for a safe and positive learning environment. At Katherine Albiani, student expectations for behavior are categorized under our three school expectations: Be Safe. Be Respectful. Be Responsible.

Our students are given explicit instructions and lessons on how to follow school rules in order to help them practice the skills necessary to Be Their Best and to be successful students and citizens at Katherine Albiani Middle School.

NO Excuses - Go to School

EGUSD offers incentives galore for perfect attendance

Elk Grove Unified School District middle school/high school students will have the opportunity to participate in monthly raffles as part of the No Excuses – Go to School attendance campaign.

Did you know? Students ages 6 to 18 are required by law to attend school all day long. Middle and high schools take attendance each class period. If your student isn’t present in one of his or her classes, they will be marked absent. An absence will be counted as unexcused unless the school hears from the parent.

Did you know? For each day a student misses school it takes about two days for him/her to catch up. Teachers end up spending more time with the absent student and less time with other students.

With spring break approaching, we ask parents to be mindful about scheduling vacations during this school break, not when your student will be in class.

Campus Climate Corner

As we begin the second semester of this year, our students are reminded of the expectation to “Be Your Best” by meeting the KAMS Behavior Expectations:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible

These three expectations cover all areas of school-life including dress code, appropriate behaviors in the classroom, gym, and library in addition to appropriate behaviors when outside of class. Students are expected to communicate respectfully (words, tone, body language, and gestures).Please take a few moments to review the expectations in order to avoid inappropriate behaviors such as eating and drinking outside, not properly disposing of trash, running and horseplay, rumors, and fight posturing on campus. These types of behaviors are inappropriate for any school or work place. Students exhibiting these behaviors will receive immediate consequences.


Overall, students are doing a great job following the dress code. However, on occasion we still see the following which are not allowed: sagging pants, rips in pants above mid-thigh without leggings underneath, shirts which reveal the mid area, and shirts with inappropriate sayings on them. Please refer to the Handbook for a more detailed Dress Code Policy which is on page 26.


The winter mornings are dark and often foggy or wet. If your bus stop is on the side of the street or a road that does not have lighting, it is a good idea to wear clothes that can be easily seen by a driver. Being very visible while waiting for the bus can help you remain safe. While riding the bus, students are expected to follow all rules in order for the bus to travel safely. While waiting to catch the bus at school, students should wait in the designated area, stay on the middle school side, and avoid horseplay. If a bus driver feels a student is not following the rules, the driver will issue a bus citation. Then an administrator will meet with the student.

Per EGUSD Board of Education policy, students are permitted to use cell phones and electronic devices before entering and after leaving school only. The device must be turned off when the first bell rings and left off throughout the day. Students will not be allowed to use cell phones and electronic devices after school begins for calls, paging, text messaging, Internet use, calculator use, games, or transmission of photo or video images. This includes breaks, passing or lunch periods. Students who need to call home can do so in Student Services. If a student violates these conditions, the device will be confiscated. The student can pick up the device for the first violation and parent/guardian will have to pick up for any future confiscation. KAMS is not responsible for any lost or stolen cell phones or electronics.

KAMS issued an ID card to each student at the beginning of the year which must be carried at all times. If you lose your ID card, replacements may be purchased in the Student Store for $5.00.

KAMS students are expected to clean up after themselves during lunch. While most students do a good job with this, we still have students who leave their trash behind. All food must be consumed in the MP room. Students may drink water and Gatorade outside if they choose to do so. Students must also refrain from horseplay and follow all school rules during lunch. Failure to do so will result in consequences.

Adopt Our Falcons

The Adopt Our Falcons program was created in order to provide additional funds/items to

assist in enhancing our students education. All donations are greatly appreciated and donors

will be recognized.

How you can help

KAMS Adopt Our Falcons program empowers parents and community members to help

enhance the quality of education for students by giving. Current areas for support include:

· Projector machine ($500 each)

· Projector bulbs ($200 each)

· Technology

· Opportunities for teachers to have release work days ($100 per teacher per substitute)

· Continuing education for teachers (e.g. conference registration fees)

· Supplies for underserved students

· Library books and supplies

· Maintenance and miscellaneous repairs

· Campus supervisor substitutes, when needed

While the Elk Grove Unified School District provides basic school supplies to support

students’ education, KAMS staff will accept additional supply donations, as well as tissue,

band aids and other related items. Please take donated supplies to the Student Services office.

Make a contribution

Please complete and return to KAMS with your donation.

Name _________________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________________ Phone _____________________________________ E-mail ____________________________

☐ Enclosed is my/our check, made payable to KAMS, in the amount of $ ___________

☐ I/We donated the following items: (specify)

Total value $ _____________

Please designate my/our donation to:

☐ Department __________________________ ☐ Teacher ___________________________

☐ Library ☐ Technology ☐ Other _____________________________________________

☐ Please use my gift where needed.

☐ Yes, please send a gift acknowledgement letter for my/our tax purposes.

2019-2020 Adopt Our Falcons Hall of Fame

Golden Falcons Donations of $200.00 or more

Gil and Katherine Albiani

Dana Nanigian

Christopher Rix

Teresa Lau

Scott and Tifany Cannon

Blue Falcons Donations of $100.00 - $199.00

Samantha Dougherty

Tiffany Anwyl

Louis and Kym Brown

Brenda and Blake Carmichael

Mai Tram Le

Greg and Shannon Hurtz

Vanessa Li

Andrew and My Hanh Nguyen

Truc Nuynh

Stephanie Yee

Jennifer and Bob Poole

Denis Pascuzzi

Shauna Pereira

Meredith Moeras

Thang Hoang

Sam and Emily Amick

Kristin Bomben

Nina Stowell

Triscia Gayle Davis

White Falcons

White Falcons Donations of $50.00 - $99.00

Leslie Pierce

Tuong and Dinh Ngoc

Sherry Rice

Gabriel Williams

Brandon and Mandy Shepard

Dainny Nguyen

Tash Roach

Nick and Marci Valenzuela

Subin Yi

Victor Lal

Ruth Rivas

Red Falcons Donations of $10.00 - $49.00

Gina Rozo

Jennifer Marinas

Tat and Gina Yan

Adela Solorzano

Giselle Lau

DeAnn Rodarte

Emily Henderson

Matthew McKee

Julie Nguyen

Gladys Yun

Monique Lloyd

Karamijit Kalkat

Flor Gutierrez

Cherry Ong-Sorilla

Danny and Monica McAuliffe

Katie Lopez

Ezzo and Anissa Maalouur


PGHS/KAMS Library Mission: Our school library’s mission is to support curriculum and standards, promote literacy and the enjoyment of reading, and ensure that our patrons in the school community become lifelong learners who can find, evaluate, and utilize information in a variety of formats in an effective, critical, and responsible way.

Library Hours: The library is open to student access from 7:30 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. The library is a quiet place to study, do homework, read a book, or work on the computer to do school related assignments. All students are encouraged to use the library to support their learning on campus.

Monthly Library Challenges: All KAMS students are encouraged to learn something new every month @ PGHS/KAMS Library. Each month the library promotes different themes and celebrations to encourage students to explore different topics and/or check out new fiction and non-fiction books. Students can enter our monthly contests to earn and collect library bucks to redeem for prizes or even free books. Visit our library website to see what we are promoting at our library each month!

Overdue Library Books and Textbooks: All KAMS students are expected to follow our library check-out and return policies. It is the student’s responsibility to return or renew their library books on their own time. Any students who have overdue books past 30 days on their library account will be placed on the “No Activities” list. Students with overdue library materials will not be allowed to check out additional books and core novels on their library account. Please encourage your child(ren) to be responsible library users and return or renew their library materials.

Please Keep your books DRY! Students are responsible for any damages to any books checked out on their student school library account. As the weather changes please remember to keep library books or textbooks dry. Be sure to remind your child(ren) to wrap all books in a plastic bag (Ziploc bags work great) before putting their books in their backpack on rainy days. Please note that student backpacks are NOT waterproof. If a book gets wet it will sometimes cause the book to become moldy. If a book becomes moldy the student will be charged for the entire replacement cost of the book. Please help prevent book damages and encourage your child(ren) to keep their books dry during the raining weather ahead.

Be a Positive Digital Citizen: All KAMS students are expected to follow EGUSD Digital Citizenship Guidelines being taught in all K-12 classes to help students become a positive “Digital Citizen.” Link to EGUSD Digital Citizenship Guidelines -> http://blogs.egusd.net/digitalcitizenship/ Mrs. Kennedy presented a brief overview of the Digital Citizenship

Educational Resources to support KAMS Students: Have you visited the KAMS library website? It has tons of resources available to support KAMS students. To access our library website you can go to the KAMS homepage @ kams.egusd.net and look for the Library link right under the Falcon logo. There are tons of resources to help your child(ren) with homework, study tools, MLA citation, research resources, reading recommendation sites, and much more. Here are a few popular resources available on our library website:

Formatically.com– An online tool that helps you create citations in MLA, APA and other paper formatting styles. All KAMS students are expected to know how to cite their sources and format their paper using correct MLA citation rules and guidelines.

Khanacademy.org – This site offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. You can find topics such as math, science, history, and much more.

KAMS Counseling Department

College and Career Readiness:

During the middle school years our focus for College and Career Readiness is on exploration. The district has recently adopted a new resource called California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI). Counselors will assist students with registering for their own accounts along with providing guided lessons that encourage students to explore their interests and possible paths to fulfill their future career or college aspirations. For more information on CCGI, you can go to https://www.californiacolleges.edu

In addition, this spring we will host our annual KAMS Career Day, slated for Thursday March 26th. Do you have an interesting career story to share? We need parents and community members to be speakers on that day – watch for an email coming soon with an online sign-up link if you would like to be part of our Career Day.

Course requests for 2020-21:

Current 7th grade students:

Counselors will be working with our current 7th graders to plan for 8th grade courses in January 2020. A copy of your student’s course request will be coming home for your review and signature.

Current 8th grade students:

In January, the PGHS academies will be visiting our 8th graders to recruit and explain the online application process. Parent Night for incoming 9th graders will be held in the PG cafeteria at 6pm on Wednesday March 25, 2020. The PG counselors will be working with our 8th graders during the week of March 30th to plan 9th grade course requests, with copies coming home for your review and signature. Answers to your questions about the academies or high school courses can be found on the PGHS website or by contacting the high school.

Credits and Promotion Requirements:

Currently (as of the end of 2nd quarter) all Albiani students have had the opportunity to earn a total of 30 credits this school year. Students earn a total of 60 credits each school year by passing all classes. For 8th graders, a minimum of 100 credits total are required to be eligible to participate in the promotion ceremony in May. Details about credits, promotion, and retention, are available in the Student Handbook (available online at kams.egusd.net).

Before School

Computer Lab

7:00 am to 8:00 a.m.


Please arrange for transportation.

No early bus pick-ups

English Language Arts Department

Students in all English classes continue to analyze literature, improve their writing, and strengthen their critical thinking skills throughout the various units of study. Reading, writing, revision, and reflection are key components to all English classrooms. At each level, students are given opportunities to strengthen their writing in each of the CCSS writing genres: argument, narrative, and explanatory/informative. They are also exposed to a wide range of literary and informational text throughout the year.

Here are some brief statements about the units of study for each grade level.

7th Grade Language Arts:

By the end of the first semester, English 7 classes studied various short stories and wrapped up the Walk Two Moons novel unit. Students in these classes wrote a narrative essay that focused on an important event in their lives using many descriptive details and other narrative techniques. English 7 will begin to study the dystonia society in The Giver in the 2nd half of the year, as well as study

poetry, argumentative writing, and informational text.

Honors English 7:

Finished walk Two Moons and The Hunger Games the first semester, and wrote a narrative essay in between the novel units. In January, honors students will begin researching about the Holocaust before they study The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, and will write an argumentative essay at the end of the unit. Honors will wrap up the fourth quarter reading and studying William Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer’s Night

8th Grade Language Arts:

By the end of the first semester, English 8 students studied Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen and evaluated how authors create suspense. English 8 students have written both an argumentative business letter and an explanatory essay the first half of the year. English 8 students will wrap up the year with a literary response and analysis essay, as well as master their speaking skills in formal speech presentations. They will read and study the core novel, Refugee by Alan Gratz in the 4th quarter in addition to studying “A Time of War” unit in the textbook.

During the 3rd quarter, all 8th graders will study Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street novel. At the conclusion of the novel, students will conduct research on current and historical events that tie to the novel using a thematic focus.

Honors English 8:

Students wrapped up their second novel, and examined issues of censorship and banning books. After studying William Golding’s Lord of the Flies during first quarter, this unit was a real eye-opener for many! Our First Amendment rights and Intellectual Freedom were quite the topics of conversation. Honors will finish the second half of the year by studying “A Time of War” unit, Refugee by Alan Gratz, and William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night play.

Physical Education Department

Locker Changes — Due to some class schedule changes for the second semester, students were asked to empty out their lockers on December 18th. Students will receive new lockers on January 7th for the second semester. Due to large class sizes, not all students will be guaranteed a locker. This year we are allowing students who have not received a locker to share with a classmate. Please have your student speak with a PE teacher to get the proper paperwork for sharing lockers. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Medical Concerns – If your child changed P.E. teachers, please remember to inform them of any medical concerns that might affect their participation in P.E. (asthma, allergies, long term injuries, disabilities). Please remember doctor’s notes need to have a start and end date and a list of activities that the student can or cannot do. Thank you!!

It’s Cold Outside – Winter is here and some of our students are still wearing t-shirts and shorts outside. Please check with your child to make sure they have warm weather clothing appropriate for P.E. class. Students are allowed to wear any colored sweatshirt or light jacket over their P.E. shirt for class. Sweat pants are $15.00 & Hoodies $25.00; they are for sale at lunch in the Student Store or on the online store. Students may wear plain navy blue or gray sweat pants. Wearing their school clothes under their P.E. clothes is still a hygiene issue and is considered a non-dress for P.E. Students violating this rule will receive consequences as listed in the syllabus. Under Armor or long underwear items are ok to wear under their PE uniform, as long as they are navy blue or gray. Students wearing leggings are still expected to wear their P.E. shorts on top.

Name on Clothing – Please check your child’s P.E. clothing and sweats to make sure they have their name on them (it hasn’t faded or is not on there at all). We are finding it harder to return lost or stolen items, because they have no name on them.

Lost and found – Each quarter we have several items in our lost and found that do not get claimed. Please remind your child to check the lost and found in the P.E. office for jewelry, clothes, shoes, glasses, keys, binders, books, and locks that they might have lost during school. As a department, we encourage students to check the lost and found for at least a week after items go missing. All unclaimed items are sent to Goodwill at the end of each quarter.

Locker Room Rules – It is important to remind your student to lock up their belongings at all times to ensure they are not stolen or misplaced. Any items that do not fit in their locker must be brought with them to class. We also want to remind students that they are not allowed to share lockers with a friend, unless they have turned in a parent signed form allowing them to share lockers. Each student is assigned their own locker which they should be using.

Loaners – The loaner count starts over every quarter and will be reset on January 8th. Please remind your student to be responsible and bring their P.E. uniforms to class daily. Due to the increasing amount of students at our school, we are unfortunately not able to keep up with the laundry. Therefore, the P.E. department will provide loaners on Mondays and Tuesdays until we run out. Students are highly encouraged to bring a back- up pair of P.E. clothes (navy blue or gray) to keep in their locker to use in case they forget their regular PE uniform.

Academic Intervention Department

MSAT (Multiple Strategies for Academics and Transition) - MSAT is offered to both 7th and 8th grade students, when schedules allow. The classes focus on executive functioning skills by teaching the use of a daily agenda and facilitating organization checks. Weekly grade checks through Synergy help students track their grades and missing assignments. Students are also supported in their core subject areas with study sessions and homework completion time in class.

ELA Literacy - Language! Live has been adopted as an intervention program by the district. The English and Academic Intervention departments are working together to support students who have reading deficits of two or more years below grade level. Each class is taught over two class periods. The program has two components: Word Training focusing on the development of reading skills through a computer program and Text Training, which is teacher-directed, focusing on reading comprehension and writing.

Math Intervention - Math Intervention uses scaffolder Go Math curriculum to meet the needs of students who are working two or more years below grade level in the area of math. Students review basic math skills and work on grade level concepts through this program. Students in this class are piloting a new intervention curriculum this year called Trans math. Students and teachers have enjoyed this curriculum and are seeing great success.

Life Skills Class - Ms. Hall’s class is working on life skills math through the Cafe hosted every Thursday morning. Students have jobs where they earn “money” and learn to balance their accounts through the program to support their independence into adulthood. Reading, math, science, social skills, and even, cooking are focus areas for this class.

History/Social Science Department

The 7th grade students will continue to discover that as trade connections, imperial expansion, and travel increased in the medieval world, both conflict and cooperation occurred at sites of encounter. Students will investigate how many sites of encounter became centers of trade, culture, and innovation. As we move into our South Asia unit, students will explore how the cultural and religious changes of the Gupta Empire affected the people of India, and examine the spread of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. During our East Asia unit students will learn about the wonderful gifts China shared with the rest of the world during the Middle Ages. Moveable type, the Great Wall, the Grand Canal, silk production, vaccines, and spinning wheels are just a few of the inventions that came out of China during the Tang and Song Dynasties. As students move from China, they will focus on Japan and Korea’s Middle Ages. To bridge the three countries, students will discover what influences from China went into the culture, technologies, and ideas of Korea and Japan, and focus on the development of Japan’s feudal system as a means of rule. As we continue the study of the Middle Ages, we will return to Europe to study the Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution and Exploration periods. Students will learn how the religious and political forces let loose during these periods, eventually led to colonization of the Americas, and the rise of democratic ideas.

The 8th grade classes will focus on the three regions of our country defined as The West, The North, nd The South. Each of these geographical regions, as well as standards, focus specifically on the economy, the settlement of, and the people who helped shape the developments of each particular region. As the students look at events that occurred within each of these regions, they are also learning about the presidents who were leading the United States at that particular time. The presidencies of James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson and James K. Polk will be covered. As we conclude our study of these standards, we will learn about the disagreements and events that lead our country into a civil war and then spend time looking at how the Civil War affected all Americans. Standards 8.11 and 8.12 will allow students to understand the aftermath of the war and the country’s attempts to mend the fracture within.

Mathematics Department

What’s happening in Math 7?

The Math 7 classes have covered various topics in the second quarter including Integer Operations, Solving Equations, Solving Inequalities, and Proportional Reasoning. Many classes are investigating how to tip, deal with tax, and under-standing discounts. In the third quarter students will continue to solve algebraic equations, graph on a number line, and get into geometry applications.

Still playing’ with Barbie's in Math I?

The Math I classes completed a math project called “Bungee Barbie.” Students enjoyed the process of collecting data using rubber bands and Barbie dolls, examining their data on graphing calculators, using tables, graphs, using the “line of best fit” to determine the linear relationship, and finally making a prediction before watching their Barbie take the plunge from atop the roof. Who knew that students could learn math with rubber bands and Barbie?

Math Club

We are still collecting box tops to raise money for the math club. Please keep clipping those box tops. We are using the money for classroom needs and to fund prizes and food for our annual Math Olympiad competition. Thanks for your help!

Math 8

Students are starting term two solving Systems of Equations. After solving systems by graphing, substituting, and using linear combinations, students will begin Geometry applications. Students will complete the year with statistics, test prep and graphing.

Science Department

The first semester has ended; we are half-way through! Every student at Albiani should have a science notebook; however, the format varies somewhat from teacher to teacher. The content of the notebook includes notes from lecture and reading, lab activities, creative work, modeling, as well as some review work. Students receive regular feedback on their notebook as a way to improve understanding of science content. Work in the notebook should represent the students’ ongoing growth in the conceptual understanding of each unit of study. Students should strive to make their thinking ‘visible’ through pictures and text. Just doing all the work is not enough; students are also required to show mastery of the content performance expectations. Please take time to regularly check your child’s notebook. You can compare their work against the current chapter being studied in the book to see if they are grasping the concepts.

Remember, students should regularly revise and refer back to their notebook to increase their content understanding.

Electives Department


All work is done during class time; the class is entirely digital with heavy use of technology. Students will be introduced to the technology associated with Digital Photography, including cameras, computers and software. How cameras work and how to use Photoshop to improve or manipulate those images will be topics of focus throughout the semester. Students will also learn file management techniques. Specific techniques for editing digital photography will be covered, as well as using the software to create a digital composition or photographic collage. Students will learn how to see, interpret and compose images. They will learn the elements of photography while using the nine-zone grid and other ideas about composition to improve their images from snapshots to Art. (No Experience Required)

Art I

All work is done during class time; the class follows the Studio Model that promotes hands on experience as the most valuable teacher for the materials. Students will experience a little bit of everything to introduce a variety of art media. Graphite, Watercolor, and Ceramics are the 3 major materials that will be covered along with various other materials based on time and student interest (colored pencil, scratch board, ink, &c.). All materials are provided, but it is suggested that students have their own binder or dedicated divider in their school binder for notes, a sketchbook for practicing, and pencils/erasers as the class materials tend to disappear over the course of the semester. (No Experience Required/Needed)

Art II

The Art II elective course is a year-long course for serious students seeking to enhance their formal artistic skills and learn to express their creativity. Artistic and creative expression will be explored through a variety of media, activities, and projects. This course is designed for serious student artists who wish to challenge themselves and enjoy creating art. Students will be expected to draw every day in class and learn Composition Theory to apply to their work. No formal experience required. However, a strong love for art, demonstrated basic skills in shading, love for drawing, and an interest in pursuing an art career is highly recommended for all students in this course.

Theatre Arts/Drama Department

Next term we will continue to offer two different classes in our Theatre Program:

Theatre Arts/Drama – Semester elective that explores acting through pantomime, improvisation, monologues, partner scenes, stage combat, and group plays. No previous acting experience required.

Musical Theater Semester elective that explores the fundamentals of musical theater with an emphasis on ensemble singing, develop singing and performing skills, and understand and appreciate several elements of theatrical production. We will perform a Broadway Jr. Musical: Disney’s The Lion King JR. in May. No previous musical experience required.

The show will be performed in the KAMS MP Room on Thursdays through Saturdays, May 15-23 at 7:00 p.m. We will also have Saturday Matinees on the 16th and 23rd at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are available here: http://our.show/kamstheatreco/51382

Junior Theater Festival (JTF) West - February 7-9: We’ll be performing a 15 minute cut of Thoroughly Modern Middle Jr. in Sacramento!

Middle Stage Fest – January 25 at KAMS. Volunteers are welcome for this and for the Cabaret Dinner that evening

CA Youth in Theatre Day – March 24, Field trip to the State Capital. Please sign up on interest sheet. Stay tuned for more info.

Do You Wanna Dance? – Auditions will be in January, rehearsals after school during February and March. Shows will be March 19-21 and 26-28. Tickets are available here: http://our.show/kamstheatreco/40312

Shakespeare in the Quad: Romeo and Juliet will be April 3. Stay tuned for audition and rehearsal information.

A Night of the Arts #2, May 8


Last Chance to Order the Yearbook Fall Special for $50.

The yearbook will cost $55 on January 23rd.

Engraved Nameplates will no longer be available

after Jan. 22nd.

To purchase a yearbook, fill out the information below

and turn it in to the Student Store.

Student First and Last Name: ____________________________________

Student I.D. #: __________________________________________________

______2020 Yearbook $50.00

______Yearbook with Personalized Engraved Nameplate $55.00

After January 22nd:

______2020 Yearbook $55.00

I have included a check for: $___________________________________

Please make checks payable to KAMS.


Call 1- 866-287-3096 or

Go to www.YearbookOrderCenter.com

Use order number 16281 or find us by our school name.

*Personal and Business Ads are selling out fast!

Grab a space before they’re all gone!

Contact Michelle Campbell at mmcampbe@egusd.net for pricing and options. We will design a beautiful ad for you to fit our yearbook theme for this year.

Chinese Lion Dance Club

The art of lion dancing originated in China, close to one thousand years ago. Since the lion is traditionally known as a guardian, many call upon it to bring good luck and protection. The lion, in conjunction with the music, performs for audiences in order to ward away bad luck and bring in prosperity.

Our Mission

We here at CLD are determined in spreading the Chinese culture while providing exciting and entertaining performances to the people of the Elk Grove Sacramento areas.

Our History

The Chinese Lion Dance Club (CLD), founded by Traci Seto, made its debut at Katherine Albiani Middle School's Club Rush Day in 2005.


For detailed information about athletics, please visit www.kams.egusd.net/programs/athletics

Requirements to tryout/begin practice/compete:

· Complete/current Athletic Clearance Packet, including sports physical (dated May 1, 2019 or later)

· 2.0 or better on previous grade of record

· Satisfactory citizenship

Congratulations to all students representing KAMS on the Wrestling Team and on the 7th and 8th Grade Basketball Teams! Reminder: picture day for wrestling and basketball is January 17th.

Come out to cheer on your fellow falcons!

Spectator Admission: $3 adult, $1 middle/high school students, KAMS ASB = free at home games

KAMS Students MUST have ID card to enter the gym for home games

Girls play at 4:00pm, boys immediately following – Jan 23-Feb 6

Boys play at 4:00pm, girls immediately following – Feb 11-Feb 20

7th Grade Basketball Schedule:

Thursday, January 23

Johnson @ Albiani

Tuesday, January 28

Kerr @ Albiani

Thursday, January 30

Albiani @ Eddy

Tuesday, February 4

Pinkerton @ Albiani

Thursday, February 6

Albiani @ Harris

Tuesday February 11

Albiani @ Jackman

Thursday, February 13

Rutter @ Albiani

Tuesday, February 18

Albiani @ McCaffrey (scrimmage)

Thursday, February 20

Albiani @ Smedberg

February 25 and February 27

Championship Tournament TBD

Thursday, January 23

Johnson @ Albiani

Tuesday, January 28

Kerr @ Albiani

Thursday, January 30

Albiani @ Eddy

Tuesday, February 4

Pinkerton @ Albiani


Dual Meets

January 14 @ Toby Johnson (vs Jackman and Toby Johnson)

January 21 @ Harris (vs Eddy and Harris)

EGUSD Championships

Thursday, February 6 @ Kerr

Addition Meet info found on Albiani Athletics website

Track and Field

Track and Field is open to all 7th and 8th Grade Boys and Girls who have a positive attitude, are willing to work hard, and can make a commitment to being at practices and meets!

There are no tryouts and no previous experience is necessary.

Practice begins March 9

Meet Schedule:

Meet start time 4:30

Admission charge @ Championships ONLY


Kerr & Pinkerton @ Albiani (PGHS)


Smedberg & Albiani @ Eddy (Laguna Creek)


Albiani & Johnson @ Jackman (Valley)


Rutter & Harris @ Albiani (PGHS)

Track & Field Championship – May 7 @ COHS


Freshman Parent Orientation Night March 25, 2020 @ 6:00 p.m.

All parents of 8th grade students that will enroll as 9th graders at Pleasant Grove High School for the school year 2020-2021 are invited to attend the Freshman Parent Orientation Night that will be held at Pleasant Grove High School in the cafeteria beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

The Pleasant Grove High School Counseling Department will discuss the following information:

Academies, Honors/AP and special programs.

District Graduation/College admission requirements, four-year planning.

Athletics and Athletic eligibility.

Career Guidance Program.

Course Selection.

Course Selection for Incoming 9th graders for 2020-2021 School year at Albiani Middle School.

The PGHS Counseling Staff will register 8th graders at Albiani Middle School during the week of March 30th in their science classes.

Make-ups will be arranged for students who are absent.

If you have any questions, please call:

PGHS Student Services at

(916) 686-0233

District News

Social networking sites can have many benefits for children, such as allowing them to explore new interests. Help your children use them more safely by going over the following NetSmartz tips and discussion starters.

Check your child’s friend lists to see who has access to his or her profile. Make sure your child knows all friends in person.

Teach your child to set profiles to private–but be aware that privacy settings do not guarantee complete privacy.

Have your child remove any inappropriate content and photos and delete any personal information.

Check the profiles of your child’s friends to see if there is revealing information or photos about your child.

Report inappropriate or criminal behavior to the appropriate authority. Most sites have a reporting mechanism for non-criminal behavior. Criminal behavior should be reported through law-enforcement agencies and the CyberTipline® at www.cybertipline.com.

Start a discussion with your child

Use these NetSmartz discussion starters to get an Internet safety conversation going with your children. The more often you talk to them about online safety, the easier it will get, so don’t get discouraged if they don’t respond immediately.

Could you show me your online profile(s)?

Do you use your real name or age when communicating with others online?

What kinds of things do your post on your page?

How do you decide who to add as a friend?

Would you feel comfortable if I checked your profile?

Common Sense Media Resources

Comprehensive Parent Guide – From Common Sense Media, includes everything parents need to know about cyberbullying, organized by age and stage – includes links to:

5 Ways to Stop Cyberbullies Video

5 Tips for Dealing With Haters and Trolls

4 Ways to Help Teens Avoid Digital Harassment

9 Social Media Red Flags Parents Should Know About | 9 peligros de las redes sociales

Facebook, Instagram, and Social – Common Sense Media
“Social media isn’t simply a way of life for kids — it’s life itself. To help them keep their online interactions safe, productive, and positive, we offer the most up-to-date research and guidance on social media basics. Learn about the latest apps and websites, and get tips on talking to your kids about sharing, posting, and avoiding digital drama.”

8th Grade Awards Information – Refresher!

The first three awards listed are chosen by departments. Each 8th grade teacher will get three nominations per subject area that they teach: one nomination is for Academic Excellence, one nomination is for Citizenship, and one nomination is for Outstanding Effort.

Academic Excellence Award

Many teachers base this award on the highest GPA, although other criteria they may also consider are:

  • takes advantage of extra credit opportunities
  • turns in all homework on time
  • completes any/all written work
  • demonstrates the ability to perform, achieve, and/or excel in scholastic activities
  • always striving to reach his/her full potential and skill set in order to serve the community
  • adding to class discussions
  • improving climate of the classroom
  • maintaining great understanding of the material
  • shows high performance in all learning situations (group work, presentations, peer feedback, online, independently, partner, and at home) which may also include
  • highest overall academic grade
  • seeks to surpass class expectations
  • consistent high achievement in class of essential technical skills

Citizenship Award

A student earning this award may demonstrate the following criteria:

  • supportive of others
  • demonstrates good sportsmanship
  • helps others and the teacher
  • is responsible or they demonstrate the 3 B’s in class daily
  • positive attitude
  • encourages others
  • respectful in class
  • interested in helping the classroom community improve
  • shows care and compassion to other students while staying engaged
  • enthusiastically comes to class each day prepared and motivated to independently learn
  • leads class discussion
  • initiates a leadership role in group work
  • consistently models class rules and is an optimistic and constructive role model for other students to follow
  • seeks to surpass class expectations

Outstanding Effort Award

Many teachers recognize students who rise to the top and demonstrate their personal best each day in class, while exemplifying perseverance and consistency in class. Other factors may include:

  • works hard every day
  • gives 100% effort no matter what
  • takes advantage of extra credit when they can
  • goes above and beyond on a regular basis and is constantly engaged in class.
  • is responsible, raises their potential, perseveres through obstacles, and shows progress or improvement throughout the year
  • consistently strives to improve skills using feedback and revision
  • excellent collaboration skills
  • active listener
  • perseverance in problem solving
  • puts their all into each assignment.
  • has shown growth and achievement through hard work
  • Kindness Revolution Award
  • Perseverance Award
  • Albiani All-Star Award-Principal’s Award: - 4.0 cumulative GPA (7th grade through 3rd quarter 8th grade)
  • Albiani Community Service Award
  • Kay and Gil Albiani Award (award presented at the promotion ceremony)

Many of these awards are presented to students at the 8th Grade Awards Night on Wednesday, May 3rd. Students will be notified by invitation if they are receiving one or more awards. As mentioned earlier, all of this “end of the year” information will begin to come out in late February/early March. Be on the lookout!