Mrs. Jenny's 4th grade class!

All about me

Greetings parents! As we prepare for a busy year ahead of us, I hope this newsletter will give you some insight as to what will be doing within the classroom. My name is Mrs. Nguyen, I graduated from the University of Houston where I earned my Bachelors in Education with a certification in EC-6 Generalist. I am looking forward to partnering with you in your child's education. I am committed to ensuring academic success for all of my students. Let's make this another memorable year!

Online Educational Game Suggestions

Greeting parents! On behalf of Ms. Nguyen 4th Grade class, we have found an online game that you and your child could play together. The game is called “All Around the World- A Multiplication Game for Kids”. Here is the URL provided: . If you are having problems with finding the game you can also go onto the main website which is: and search for game. Note this game can also be played on your IPad or Tablet. “All Around the World-A multiplication Game for Kids”​ will help your child build their skills and memorization inregards to multiplication. This game features 21 students who are from different countries which will give you and your child an opportunity to see many different cultures as well! Now your goal is to help your child pick students from around the world; who are set in one classroom to answer the multiplication problem correctly within TEN SECONDS. After the ten seconds is done, the game will take you back to the classroom in which you will pick the next student, and so forth until all the students within the classroom has played. Now if your child does get the problem wrong the correct answer will still be provided for your child to see. We are currently beginning to learn about Multiplication, we do use the Times Table, and have the children make flash cards, but this game adds a fun twist and challenge by giving the students only 10 seconds to answer the problem. The children are allowed to ask their classmates for help after 5 seconds have passed. The children enjoy the fast pace of this game but also enjoy the certificate that they won by working together at the end of the game. Remember a certificate will be awarded at the end if you win the game, the certificate can be printed out as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

me. Have Fun!


Attached below is a link to a survey that I have created in efforts to get to know you and your child more. The survey consists of likes and dislikes in regards to favorite subject, favorite way to learn, and your favorite hobby. This survey allows me to see the differences within all my students and their families. I would love to incorporate my student's interests within the classroom to make it more fun and engaging. If you have any tips or questions that I could add onto my survey to make it more exciting again feel free to contact me!

How to reach me!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about your child please do not hesitate to contact me. Provided below will be my phone number, email address, and office hours. During this school year, I will also have mandatory parent teacher meeting every semester. If you the parents or guardian would like to schedule the meeting ahead of time that will be fine as well. I am very flexible, over the phone meetings and face to face meetings are available. The success of the student is very important to me as an educator, I am positively sure having an active communication will be very beneficial to your child!

Thank you,

Mrs. Jenny Nguyen


MWF 12&4pm

Upcoming Field Trips

This month your child will be attending several field trips that will support our themes for the month which are, Science and History. The first field trip will be The Museum of Natural Science, we will explore the history of prehistoric animals and people. The Museum of Natural Science offer's your child a chance to not just hear about the prehistoric times but also to see it. The next field trip will be The Houston Zoo, this field trip will help your child learn about the many different types of animals that may be endangered. The Houston Zoo will provide a special tour for our student's that will give them a more in depth experience and understanding of the animals living conditions and environments.